Top Destinations in Siquijor

Do you wanna know some of our Siquijor Top Destinations? The island of Siquijor is located just below the provinces of Cebu and Negros Oriental. It’s quite small so travelers may just brush it off as just one of the little islands in the Philippines. Add it to the fact that you only have very limited choices when it comes to finding ways of traveling to this island and you get the perfect excuse for not visiting there – you can only get to the island via boat ride from a Negros Oriental which currently doesn’t have an international seaport/airport. However, if you do miss visiting here, then as  a traveler, you’re surely missing out on a lot of things.
Siquijor is an island with an air of mystery and wonder. The place is littered with natural sceneries that are simply a sight to behold. And being an isolated island province, it also boasts great, pristine beaches. Well, there’s a lot more so I’ll just give you a list of the destinations in this little paradise called Siquijor.

Siquijor Top Destinations

Bandilaan Butterfly Farm

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One of the man-made destinations here in Siquijor is this 5 hectare butterfly farm. Inside the farm are thousands of butterflies and moths, with a total of 102 different species indluding the largest moth in the world. The farm has already been featured a couple of times on TV and has been a popular destination for tourists and school groups.

The Old Enchanted Balete Tree

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From the hushed talks of people, Siquijor is considered a place full of mystery and enchanted/supernatural beings. And this 400 year old, gigantic balete tree adds even more to those talks – it’s the oldest and largest tree in Siquijor. That’s why it’s also a place that any adventure seeker would want to go. There’s water coming out under the tree itself and even the locals don’t know where it’s originating from – it adds more to the “mystery” effect of the place.

Cambuhagay Falls

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This falls is another popular destination spot for tourists and locals alike. The water the flows to the falls comes from the mountains and nearby watersheds and flows straight down to the Lazi Bay. The whole place is a very relaxing spot to take a cold dip in freshwater. Aside from the parking fees for your rides, you won’t have to pay for anything else to go here.

Cantabon Cave

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As much as there are patches of natural wonders on the surface of the island, Siquijor is also littered with a lot of cave formations under it. One of the most popular ones is this – Cantabon Cave. This 2 hour cave experience will surely have you gazing at the beautiful stalagmite and stalactite formations inside it. There’s even a natural pool in it the blends perfectly with the cave formations.

Lazi Church and Convent

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If you’re a Catholic devotee or you want to take a sneak peak at Siquijor’s past, then a trip here would definitely be worthwhile. The convent and church were built during the Spanish colonial period, 1887, so you can still see the Spanish architecture used to build it. There’s also a museum inside which can have you taking a blast into the past.

Mt. Bandilaan National Park

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A park situated at the highest mountain of Siquijor is also one of the top destinations of this province. Mt. Bandilaan National Park features a lot of trek adventures for their guests. You can find springs and rivers flowing down the mountain, caves, and a lot of vegetation along the way. And the most rewarding moment would be when you get at the top of the observation deck at the peak of the mountain – you’ll get an astounding view of the whole island.
There are a lot more attractions to Siquijor than what are listed here – and I completely missed on writing about its great beaches too. And you need not worry about getting lost when finding them. By chartering a tricycle there you can save yourself some head scratching as these drivers come equipped with a map, ready to tour you around the island. They can take you anywhere you want since these guys know the island like the palm of their hand.
Are you satisfied with our Siquijor Top Destinations? Feel free to comment here below and let us know!


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