[TOP CHOICE 2016] Top 20 Cebu Blogger Influencers

Meet the Trendsetters!

Top 20 Cebu Blogger Influencers
Top 20 Cebu Blogger Influencers From the Web

In 2013,, the defunct new media publishing, started the search for the outstanding bloggers in Cebu.

Three years later the same organizers decided to revive the said award giving body, but this time with a more reliable matrix: The TOP CHOICE algorithm.

Since 2015, the ESCooped team has been collating data and information of more than 200+ blogs based in Cebu.

As founder Ruben Licera Jr explains: ” as search and social media engine professionals, we are always on the look out for the Top, Oustanding and Preferred (TOP) brands whom we can benchmark for innovation and for growth for other bloggers and social media users.”

Using the intelligence of the search engine and social media engine, the expertise of our chosen digital influencers judges [Minerva, Vernon, Bjorn and Ruben], and the feedback of other Cebu blogger influencers, we we’re able to come up with the authoritative lists of TOP Cebu Blogger Influencers that you should follow,” Licera adds.

These are the TOP 20 Cebu Blogger Influencers that you should follow:

20. Miong Tampus

19. Jazmine Llaguno

18. Thaddeau Engaling II

17. Christy Mae Ocariza

16. Herbert Kikoy

15. Naomi Bersales

14. Philip Andrew Mayol

13. Janine Ella Anogos

12. Katherine Anne Cutar

11. Rose Angelie Lapiña

10. Johanna Marie Frejoles

09. Pam Baroro

08. Mary Narvasa

07. Gian Carlo Jubela

06. Cesar Ian Fuentes

05. Gay Aida Dumaguing

04. Channel Marie Imperial

03. Jhanis Vincentte Villadolid

02. Meliton John Argallon

01. Carlo Andrew Olano


Miong Tampus

Blog: | Niche: Photography, Lifestyle
Miong is a full-time tech researcher at Lexmark and one of the early adaptors of modern blogging. He has successfully infused photography in event coverages.
20 Miong Tampus

Jazmine Llaguno

Blog: | Niche: Beauty, Health and Wellness
Jazmine’s passion in sharing her experiences with spa and wellness services led in to the creation of this blog in 2014.
19 Jazmine Llaguno

Thaddeau Engaling II

Blog: | Niche: Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Events
Thadz, as close friends fondly calls him, aims to create an authoritative blog about Cebu with all of his first hand experiences in Cebu.
18 Thaddeau Engaling II

Christy Mae Ocariza

Blog: | Niche: Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Events

Christy, a lass from Talisay City, recalls starting writing in college. Now she is now a full time content writer. A certified blogaholic, Christy’s blog just aims to show that there is a bigger world online for Cebu.

17 Christy Mae Ocariza

Herbert Kikoy

Blog: | Niche: Digital Marketing, Blogging
Herbert is a full-time digital marketing professional by heart. His passion involves photography.
16 Herbert Kikoy

Naomi Bersales

Blog: | Niche: Beauty, Fashion
A Californian who choose to move in Cebu, Naomi is a “pug” mama, traveler and a pescatarian. Her blog shows her classy taste for fashion, health and beauty products.
15 Naomi Bersales

Philip Andrew Mayol

Blog: | Niche: Lifestyle, Events
A one-man blog which offers the best finds of Cebu, Philip Mayol’s features the best of hotels, restaurants, beach resorts in Cebu and its nearby provinces.
14 Philip Andrew Mayol

Janine Ella Anongos

Blog: | Niche: Lifestyle, Travel, Food
A software engineer by profession, Ella spends most of her “me time” creating a journal about her food and travel exploits. is the manifestation of it.
13 Janine Ella Anongos

Katherine Anne Cutar

Blog : | Niche: Lifestyle, Fashion, Food
Katherine loves “black and white” and you can see it directly in a glance at her online space. Fondly called Kat, she enjoys sharing quirk and upbeat emotions in all of her posts.
12 Katherine Anne Cutar

Rose Angelie Lapiña

Blog : | Niche: Motherhood, Parenting, Family
Started blogging in 2010, Angelie fluidly shares her passionate discovery of motherhood, parenting and family life through her online journal.
11 Rose Angelie Lapiña

Johanna Marie Frejoles

Blog : | Niche: Travel
Started her blog in 2014, Hanna blogs mostly about her travel experiences. Her evergreen listicles of the most searched explorations in Cebu, makes her blog a “definitive” guide to backpack travelers.
10 Johanna Marie Frejoles

Pam Baroro

Blog : | Niche: Travel, Parenting
A prolific writer, Pam is a software engineer by profession. Her passion for traveling with her kid and hubby led to the creation of the blog that documents her intrinsic style of parenting and motherhood through travel.
9 Pam Baroro

Mary Narvasa

Blog : | Niche: Travel, Community
Mary Narvasa’s prowess in writing matched by her vivid visual interpretation through words, makes her blog a must read. More than a blog, Mary has created a community around it that aims to help and nurture other bloggers.
8 Mary Narvasa

Gian and Sheila Carlo Jubela

Blog : | Niche: Travel
The blog trails the adventurous lifestyle of Gian and Sheila. Certified travel and adventure junkies, they spend their Weekdays on corporate stuff and transform themselves to rabid adventurers by weekends.
7 Gian Carlo Jubela

Cesar Ian Fuentes

Blog : | Niche: Technology
The blog started as a personal-blog that transformed into a content-driven online magazine for tech junkies.
6 Cesar Ian Fuentes

Gay Aida Dumaguing

Blog : | Niche: Travel
Gay is a full-time digital marketing professional who loves to travel on long holidays and special weekends. Gay’s thrust is to provide more relevant travel information to domestic travelers of the Philippines.
5 Gay Aida Dumaguing

Channel Marie Imperial

Blog : | Niche: Lifestyle, Food and Travel

A certified savvy social media professional, Channel spends most of her time doing social media stuff for clients and spending holidays with friends in destinations inside her bucket list.
4 Channel Marie Imperial

Jhanis Vincentte Villadolid

Blog : | Niche: Motherhood, Parenting, Family
Jhanis is a working mom who details her exploits with her kids in a very interesting timeline of posts. Mostly about family, she engages her audience with twists of realities from her direct experiences.
3 Jhanis Vincentte Villadolid

Meliton John Argallon

Blog :| Niche: Travel, Food, Videography, Photography
Meliton is more into exploration of people, places and their culture through videography and photography.
2 Meliton John Argallon

TOP Cebu Influential Blogger: Carlo Andrew Olano

Blog : | Niche: Food
Carlo Olano is undeniably one of Cebu’s leading authority on Food blogging. His success in the chosen niche is driven by his passion of discovering new food destinations in Cebu and being the first to show it to the world through his blog through articles, photos and videos.
1 Carlo Andrew Olano

Congratulations to all the winners this year!

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  1. This is a great list… I have been looking to get to know other Cebuano/Cebu based bloggers as well to virtually make friends and exchange experiences with blogging. My blog is only 6 months old and topics varies basically anything about Cebu. I share this blog with my best friend.
    Would really love to get connected to other Cebu bloggers. Would really mean a lot to me if you could send a heads up.

  2. I am also following Solitary Wanderer and Pinay Solo Backpacker – two awesome female solo travelers that are from Cebu.
    Now, I’m reviving my travel blogging and vlogging and I hope I’ll be able to maintain them in the long run. Follow my journey at

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