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Effective Pokemon Go Strategies for Businesses

Tips and Tricks!

Effective Pokemon Go Strategies for Businesses
Pokemon Go for Businesses From the Web

Ostensibly speaking Pokemon Go took gaming world into a whole new level. It’s not plausible to say that there’s someone in this planet who haven’t heard about this craze. If you are not playing it, you must have heard about it.

For those who don’t know yet, Pokemon Go uses your phone’s GPS and camera to divert the real world in to cosmic hunting site, and it also transubstantiate local milepost and business in to Pokémon Gyms where trainer go to train their Pokémon and throe other teams and PokéStops which players can tarry to stock up on free accessories and other items like PokéBalls.

Inasmuch as it has captured the engrossment of the millennials, it is an impeccable way of getting the people in to your business. If you’re a local business owner and you want people to drop in and perhaps sojourn in your shops, I’d highly recommend downloading it for free from Google Play Store or the Apple App Store – there’s a walloping chance that you could be one of these Gyms and Stops. Now, prep your stores for your PokéCustomers.

You can get your customers in anyways possible and there are multitudinous tips on how can you grow foot traffic.

Advertisement’s secret is persuading. Same goes for luring your customers in.

After releasing Pokémons and transforming your local business into Pokémon Gym and PokéStop you can paste a window signage. Signage is easy to see and Pokémon Players will do anything to catch Pokémons.

Trot out WiFi and charging station for your PokéCustomers. In this way, they don’t have to go to another place to find stronger internet connection and outlets. They’d love it and it will keep them coming.


Host Gym battle tournaments

Maybe your business is closer to a Pokémon Gym than a PokéStop. In that event, there’s another way you can incentivize players to come patronize your business. Advertise that you’ll be hosting a tournament in advance, perhaps even offering discounts to gym battle winners. Then, on game day, players who successfully become gym leaders

(with proof of gamer ID) will be entitled to that discount. Not only is it a great way to harness those intense “Pokémon Go” rivalries for your business, but to hold gyms teams need multiple members to defend it. So, while you’re giving discounts to the gym leaders, their teammates will be there alongside them as well, most likely as full-paying customers.

pokestops cebu city

“Pokémon Go” social media deals

You can even use “Pokémon Go” to increase your visibility on social media. Offer customers a few dollars off to take a screenshot of a Pokémon in your store or restaurant and then post it on social media with a tag to your business. While it might just be a few pesos off for them, it spreads your brand online. It also shows other nearby players how many rare and exotic Pokémon are crawling around your establishment, and it might encourage them to come and visit and maybe spend a few of their own.


Who doesn’t love discounts? Raise their feet!

I honestly think everybody would say YES to discounts especially on their cherry-picked products. If you are a coffee shop owner, you could offer a 10% discount on your cappuccino and latte to your PokeCustomer who can catch a rare Pokemon or who can catch Pikachu. Put discounts on your best selling product, I tell you, people will love it.

Freebies, Freebies, Freebies!

Give freebies to whoever catches most Pokemon for just a small period of time. Set a time and challenge your PokeCustomers. Flame up the heat a bit.

Pokemon Go

Join up with other businesses near you!

The more the merrier is the theme when it comes to Pokémon Go. Create a cartel of forces with other local businesses, run promotions together and combine your budgets to host events. Make the whole area a destination. Working together with other shops to make a Pokémon trainer’s dream destination can do wonders for everyone. Put lure modules on every PokéStop in the area at specific promotional times.

Pokemon Catch

This is a gold-plated opportunity for you to drive foot traffic to your business and, ideally, get people to come in and stay awhile. You know it’s not that bad to try and get in the trend, right? So, get yourself a Pokemon Gym and PokeStop now.

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