Top 5 Online Grocery Shopping Sites

Online grocery shopping sites have one thing in common: they lure shopaholics to make purchases without the need to go to the brick-and-mortar shops.

But hey, anyone who is not impulsive to shop may find that these online grocery shopping sites really serve their purpose. Like, when you have no time to go to grocery store and you feel like going through the process of checking out would take 10 to 20 minutes of your precious time.

In another situation in which you are probably busy thinking of what to cook for your in-laws since they are visiting in the coming week but your schedule is just so busy that it seems too hard to go and buy your groceries at the store.

Maybe you can spare some of your time now and check out these online grocery shopping sites we have bulleted down. Then maybe, perhaps, maybe… after a few minutes– from the time you visit the site until your check-out–  your worries will be overturned into a feeling of calmness, security and inner sense of relief because finally you can just shop your favorite food ingredients and have them in no less than an hour.

We have just distinguished which of the online grocery shopping site have better payment methods, have been offering more discounts to users and have added incentives such as free shipping on lesser or higher specific amount upon signing up.
These sites have been regarded as user-friendly based on user and consumer reviews.
Although we have taken time to research about them, it is up to you, the readers, to explore more these online e-commerce sites and learn how they make your online shopping easier.


Amazon is known as one of the world’s largest ecommerce retailers with a wide selection of dry goods ready for delivery anywhere in the Unites States and in other countries.

Now that they already have both dry and wet goods, they have dedicated a program which they called Subscribe & Save that gives you about 15% discount on many item when you apply. It does not require a subscription fee to join.  You are actually subscribing to items with a limited but decent selection from Amazon’s catalog plus free shipping, so your items will be delivered to your doorstep just when you need them.

Although frequently, they can offer free shipping on other items only if an item is available on their own warehouses.

You may also download their app available for both iOS and android devices so you can cart orders anywhere you are.




The world’s largest retailer is now among the world’s formibable e-retailer.

Walmart is labelled by most customers review with their reasonable prices and good customer service.

Also, as we tried to visit their website they have accessible buttons for gift cards, most-wished lists, store finder and track order. These are the features which are great for shoppers who find it hard to navigate on the Internet.

They also feature a great selection of high-quality merchandise and have grown to showcase household names in their online racks. But of course, there are selections, which are fit for those in a budget.

Walmart’s success in being a retailer has been transcended in the e-retailing world.




They have almost all of the usual grocery products and offer regional and holiday favorites that may be hard to find in an average grocery store. This site is best if you are to buy in bulk since many of their items require minimum order quantities. Here, their shipping is calculated by weight and not by order price. So you have to think again if you are to buy boxes of juice or other heavy items.



They offer here a pretty good variety also of items but when we tried the site, it forces you to do a lot of scrolling just for you to see the different options. However, good prices and shipping costs somewhat make up with the excessive scrolling because when you order your groceries with them and get to spend $100 or more they will give 33% off your shipping charges no codes required since they are calculated automatically. This offer may not last long though so you have to check the online grocery shopping site to find out if there are more things that I have mentioned.




This is one of the oldest and the first virtual grocery store that offer services in eleven metropolitan areas of the USA. Before you can actually get into the site, first you have to pass through a security check. Just click “I’m not a Robot” and you’ll be redirected to type in your zip code and then start shopping. They also offer coupons and 30% discount on your first order plus free delivery. Just make sure you get to know the code.

Nothing fancy about their website though. It’s very minimalist in fresh green, just the perfect color like the peapod, right? Everything you might need is just here in one click since everything has been organized.


Combining the best of two great worlds — technology and world-class retailing give customers a wide assortment of their favorite products convenient for 24 hours, 7 days a week.

These online sites may help us get things easier and faster but let us not forget that going shopping in a real grocery store is still the best specially when spent with our family. Visit your chosen online shopping site now and see it yourself.


Written by Proudly Filipino

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