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Why Rico’s Lechon is the Best

Lami Gyud!

Cebu is known to have the best lechon in the land and Cebuanos are proud of it. Just when you hear about Rico’s Lechon, you should know that the best dish to order from the menu is their Lechon de Cebu. Come on, who would not love that mouthwatering seamlessly crispy skin plus the spice.

Gosh! I am even starting to crave while typing this down right now. I know you are craving, too.

Just look at that sexy lechon!

It’s good that finally our famous roasted pigs get a chic restaurant it deserves. I can still recall the time when you have to pass down a swampy road just to get the best lechon in town but it didn’t bother you much. At the end, it’s so much worth the price that will oddly satisfy your soul.

Apparently, we should not forget to thank Mr. Enrico Dionson for giving us the best of the best lechon. But why do we think it’s the best? Well, let us then start our bullets down.

  • The lechon is dished up with only garlic and leeks.

Is it good enough? Obviously that’s a big YES! That is their own recipe which has brought them their fame. You can’t even deny it, its really good. Just when you start to ask several locals for recommendations the immediate answer is of course no other than Rico’s Lechon.

  • The first spicy lechon in town

How did they become more famous? Well, it’s because of their original discovery and as the first in the Philippines: the best-selling SPICY lechon. Not everyone likes spicy but theirs is great for both spicy and non-spicy lovers. I mean, you wouldn’t really mind because it’s just so good but if you really prefer the original then don’t falter it’s still going to be the best. Dip it with mixture of suka, toyo plus a calamansi. Delicioso!

  • The cooking is just right

Rico’s lechon doesn’t give us “the ordinary” or the “its okay” kind of lechon because they make sure they served the lechon that is cooked to precision. Making sure that the deepest parts evenly gets the taste it deserves and satisfyingly even the bones taste good. . It’s perfectly paired with hanging rice or even with just your rice straight from the kaldero. Oh! I know you want one now.

  • The spices blend perfectly together

Yes, we already know that they make sure the taste penetrates into the deepest part of the lechon but undeniably they can do that even on our taste buds. That’s how good it is and they call that “served to perfection”. Spices are chosen thoroughly just to give us the best tasting lechon and you are probably thinking that they have a special “secret” recipe for that. They haven’t enclosed it but let us allow them to keep that and just continue enjoying and savoring those pigs for now.

That’s it!? I guess that’s almost enough to make you feel hungry. Hopefully on your next party and events, you don’t miss out your Rico’s lechon. Now would you not give it a try? When in Cebu, make sure you try Rico’s lechon.

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