Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant: The 4 Dishes You Should Try On Your First Visit

Who doesn’t love Japanese cuisine? I still haven’t met somebody who detest the very thought of eating ramen on a cold rainy afternoon.

In Cebu, Japanese restaurants outnumber your fingers and toes and choosing which one to try first could be a challenging thought on your part. If I may help, I’d like to share my personal criteria in choosing the best Japanese restaurant where you can dine.
First, I prefer those who don’t assume who they are not. A lot of Japanese restaurants in the metro claim that they are “authentic” and all. To make sure that a Japanese restaurant is authentic, the chef must be Japanese or the Filipino chefs are trained by Japanese chefs. I mean, who can teach the best secrets of the trade than the Japanese, right? Second, customer service should not be left behind. Some restaurants have great food and great chefs but have mediocre or bad customer service. That’s something we don’t want to experience, right? We dine out because we want to have a great time, not to end up grumbling.
If you’re going to use my criteria, only a handful of choices will come to your attention and one restaurant that stands out is Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant.

How Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Came To Be

Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant
Norvita Arcayan went to Japan, tasted their cuisine, and fell in love with it! She wanted to bring the joy she felt while dining in Japan back to her hometown, Cebu. She wanted her kababayans to experience what she experienced.
She thought of an appropriate name for her restaurant. She wants her customers to feel comfortable so she chose the word suzukaze. It literally means comfortable. What a fitting name, don’t you think? So after much planning and preparation, Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant finally went on soft opening earlier this year!

Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Must-Try Dishes

Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Sukiyaki or Vegetables with Beef
Sukiyaki (Vegetables with Beef)
If there are 3 words to describe this hot pot, that would be “I love it!” The broth is already yummy by itself. The meat, noodles, tofu, mushrooms, and cabbage all compliment to make one sip an experience you would like to linger. Mind you, one bowl is not enough! This is perfect when shared with family or friends.
Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Buta Shogayaki or Pork with Cabbage
Buta Shogayaki (Pork with Cabbage)
If you’re a meat lover but prefer the balance of mixing it with veggies, then a plate of sukiyaki would certainly make your day. The pork is stewed and is soft enough to be chewed. Partner every bite with cabbage slices for added texture and crunchiness.
Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Dashimaki Tamago or Egg Omelette
Dashimaki Tamago (Egg Omelette)
Just when you thought that eggs couldn’t get any better, the Japanese create ways to make egg dishes more interesting. Since food is meant to be enjoyed by our sense of sight, rolling it up like a sushi would make it more appetizing, don’t you agree? Rice na lang, puede na itong pang-breakfast!
Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Tempura
Who doesn’t love tempura? The Filipinos love it so much that they make mediocre versions of it and sell it as street food. But how should tempura be served? It should be deep friend in fresh oil until batter is crispy and golden brown. Every bite should be a combination of the soft prawn cocooned by the crispy outer shell and Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant does a great job at doing just that!

What Else Should You Know About Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant?

I love their customer service! Their waitresses and chefs are so polite and courteous that you would really feel comfortable upon entering the restaurant.
Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant
Aside from that, they made sure that the tables are not cramped unlike other restaurants. Miss Norvita told us that she prefers to have it this way so that it will be easy for her waitresses to serve the food and for her customers to easily move around too.
Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant
I immediately felt at home when I came in the Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant. Their hospitality is as comforting as the hot tea they are serving!
Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant Dashimaki Tamago or Egg Omelette and hot tea
Suzukaze Japanese Restaurant

  • Address: Cluster B06, Vibo Place, N. Escario Street, Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City
  • Contact Number: (032) 254-9568
  • Facebook Page

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