5 Features that Pokemon Go still lacks

Pokemon Go has been in the Philippines for more than two weeks and Filipinos are pretty much playing it everywhere. It was a big hit when it was released but there are updates needed to be done.  For Pokemon trainers like me, we are looking for important features that would enable us to do more than catching annoying yet challenging pokemons.

These features should be added like very soon. Otherwise, we would stuck with just catching pocket monsters and comparing levels with other trainers.


#1 Wild Pokemon battles

Pokemon Go is just too boring if all you have top do is to catch Pokemons whenever they pop out from the map and after that WHAT?

It would be more fun if you can battle those wild Pokemons instead of catching the same Ratatas all the time. By defeating that pokemon, perhaps, Pokemon Go Creators should include incentives like receiving an XP after defeating a Pokemon.


#2 Battling your friends and other trainers

We all want to know who’s the strongest. We have this pride that would help us determine how strong and great we are from other trainers.

By fighting your friends, who also happen to be trainers, there will be this factor that would prove who has the strongest Pokemons. However, what currently is happening now is that you just bump on someone, who is another Pokemon Go trainer, and you just say Hi! hello! or saying sorry for bumping into you . Rather than saying sorry, you guys have a go with the pokemons and then proceed on a battle!

Who knows? You guys might become friends afterwards (or bitter enemies) and receive some XP’s.


#3 Gym badges

From the moment I defeated the gym leader here near at my place, there was this moment of victory. But then all of a sudden, I had the realization: where the heck is my badge?

Okay, I received a Gym Prestige after my victory but then what?

It would be awesome if I have my gym badge, wouldn’t it?


#4 Team Vs. Team

Everyone is saying that Team Valor is the top team in Pokemon Go. And now trainers are saying that Team Mystic is the top team in Pokemon Go. How about Team Instinct?
Why don’t we just battle them out to figure out which team is the best and the strongest team and which team needs to notch their level up before they go on a crazy battle with another team?

#5 Pokemon Center

Come on, after all the battles that you have been through, your potions and revives will run out and guess what you can’t heal nor revive your Pokemon. That’s why you need a Pokemon Center to heal and revive your Pokemon.

Pokemon Center is like a hospital for Pokemon. Nurse Joy and Chansey should be there, too.


Suggestions as mentioned above are deemed immediate. Developers of this phenomenal game should heed their fans and bring the development level higher so the trainers would not get bored.

I am just helping, right?

I am helping the developers because I like this game so much that I need to spare my time after work or even between work just to catch the pokemons.

Niantic, if you ever read this post, that means the level of development of this silly mobile game called Pokemon Go should be hastened. I can’t wait anymore.


Written by Proudly Filipino

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