National Heroes Day: Who is your Hero?

We have been educated that Philippine heroes are Dr. Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio and etc. They were called heroes because they gave great contribution and influence in the history of the Filipino people.

Those heroes helped in paving the way for Filipinos to embrace democracy and liberty. They helped change the path for many people and groups through revolution on the government.

Human brings in history are celebrated as heroes because of their contributions that crated great impact. In this generation, we believe that heroes still exist and they are there to help change lives and form inspiration and bring motivation to people, no matter how small in numbers they can influence for the greater good.

1. Our Parents


Our parents have been with us since day 1 of our lives. They are our great support even if they won’t let us feel that they are supporting us in our life and death decisions. Great parents give unconditional love while those who express their love have managed to form children who are compassionate to others.

The role of parents to bring love to their offsprings is something that should not discounted. It is imperative. It is part of love that governs beings even if most people don’t subscribe to it.

Good parents who have reared wonderful offsprings and who have still been doing their role as marvelous models for children are what I call heroes of today. I would gladly include my parents in this group.

2. The influential people

Hidilyn Diaz-Silver Olympic medalist

Pres. Barack Obama, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and etc. are some of the most influential people around the world. Their actions and opinions are most likely matter to most people who follow them, who respect them.

Understandably, these influential are well-liked by the majority. But similar with the heroes in the Philippine history, they have also managed to bring scorn to a few groups of people. However, what matters in the positions of these presidents are their contributions to the history, leading to the social good environment through the policies that they have enforced for all people.

Aside from the political leaders, we can also include in the category the winners of the Olympic games. We are thankful in the Philippines that we have showcased a modern-day hero in the form of Hidilyn Diaz.

3. Our Teachers

Social Media Marketing Bootcamp in Cebu

Great teachers who have the passion to teach their students, to mould them into positive contributors in the society, are among the present-day heroes.  It is a known fact that teachers are our second parents. Although not all the time, we heed their requests or commands, but they are there to bring us into somebody that many people would look up in the future.

We may not like some of them cause they can be strict or as we called, a terror teacher, but there are people worser than them– perhaps, our bosses or clients.

Although we can’t categorically consider all teachers as heroes, that we can admit that some who have pushed their way to helping their students are really exceptional. These exceptional teachers are admittedly included in the category of modern-day heroes.

4. Artists

Can we consider artists as modern-day heroes?

Duma Electrique Fest
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We all watch movies or series on televisions. We listen to favorite songs. Follow our idols on Instagram and on Facebook. Even subscribe to our favorite YouTube channel. Many artists are exceptional in developing the culture of the society. Their music, their masterpieces and their products of arts are their contributions to the community. They help us see, hear and taste who beautiful, fantastic and awesome life is when we see beauty in the arts.

We all want to be like them. They comfort us whenever we feel sad or when the world seems to be very cruel to us. The artists bring products of entertainment, of happiness no matter how trivial, and enjoyment to bring positivity.

Artists that contribute to the social good of the community through their arts are modern-day heroes. It is worthwhile to know that these artists are also advocates of human rights, of animal rights and of other things that can shape the society for positive development.

5. The Strangers, the ones who bring the positive impact

It is subjective to call strangers as modern-day heroes. I know, I know. Many of you know will have their eye brows raised.
It is safe to say not all strangers are heroes. But we have to accept that there are occupations whose job descriptions include saving the lives of the people. There are good-intentioned policemen, lifeguards and perhaps well-intentioned lawyers who accept cases pro bono to prove the innocence of a person convicted of a crime or a victim who doesn’t have the capacity to spend good money for a good counselor. Strangers can become friends and will find ways prove their trustworthiness.

There are strangers who may become  our lifesavers. They can have the ability to save someone from drowning. In other words, they are called lifeguards that will creep their way into hearts and will become our friends. They can be in the form of businessmen and entrepreneurs who bring employment to many people or simply craftsmen, who can deliver joyful products to a certain group of people.

But of course, we all have to be careful. We have to use discernment to know who really are our heroes and who are the people who are masked as heroes but they have, instead, brought the bile to the society.

This is a subjective post and I am open to people who don’t agree completely to my list. It is a democratic society, anyway,  you are free to comment whenever you want.

But I would like to leave a question before this ends.

Who do you think should we be inducted as modern-day heroes in this present generation?


Written by Proudly Filipino

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