Mandani Bay Model Units that Would Make You say WOW!

Are you still torn between whether you should stay from your traditional apartment or start searching for the best condominium unit in town?

Worry less because we;’ve got Mandani Bay model units for you to consider as you shop for a new property to live or invest in.

It is given that Mandani Bay can ensure you the best seaside view from the Mactan channel. Its two towers planned for construction soon will deliver model units imbued with exquisite modern designs. The proposed towers will be the forerunners of more building developments to materalize the aspiration of making Cebu a more active lifestyle destination.

Set your expectations high for we are to discover their model units that will probably add up to your confusion positively.

Since Mandani Bay is intended for all sectors such as business, leisure, and lifestyle, the developer’s first residential area as they call it the Mandani Bay Suites, is proposed to finish by 2020. So if you are ready to get glimpses of what these model units are, even if they are just perspectives of the designers and developers, then give us the opportunity to open the doors for you.


Bay StudioMandani Bay studio2

Mandani Bay studio3

Mandani Bay studio1

(Interior design sample from the Bay studio)

It’s considered to be the most affordable yet luxuriously satisfying since Mandani Bay ensured that the future residents will still get the equal dose of the panoramic view and the beautifully designed floor plan. The space is enough for 1-2 people with its small area of 29.75m. We’re sad to tell you that this is the first unit that was sold out but don’t you worry there because they still have something in store for you.

1-Bedroom – Mandani Bay loft unit


Mandani Bay loft2

If you opt for another affordable yet has a bit bigger floor size to the Bay studio then you should consider the 1-bedroom.

It’s an improved design of the Bay studio with a total of 49.44sq.m, plus a balcony and a divided master’s bedroom perfect for couples out there who are just starting. This unit will surely not fail to surprise your expectation although here you should also expect a little higher in its price.


Mandani Bay loft2

(Interior design sample from the 2-Bedroom)


A much better area with an approximate of 65.70sq.m, this unit is best for startup families with a maximum of 4 members just a good place for the children to run around.

Don’t deride this miniscule unit for it holds the two floor bedroom that they called the 2-bedroom loft. Each bedroom, including the living room area which is extended with a balcony gets a hold of the picturesque view that Mandani Bay is proud of. Making sure that you get exactly what you deserve.

2-Bedroom Deluxe

Mandani Bay two-bedroom 2
Mandani Bay 2-bedroom

(Interior design sample from the 2-Bedroom Deluxe)


2-bedroom+ or also called as 2-bedroom deluxe is also of the best choice you can pick among the 5 units for its spacious area perfect for those who desires to creatively design the interiors. This is just enough for your only daughter who’s wish of having her own room finally will come true. With a net area of 81.90sq.m, this impeccably calculated area is just enough for your needs. Plus, we almost forgot to mention that you have a dedicated maid’s quarter here although you can convert that room into your shoe closet or walk-in closet.


Perfect for the family with utmost 5-7 members. Here is the best unit for you since this is also considered to be the most admired unit for its extravagant floor plan where you can really say “this is the best of the best”.  It’s a bit costly but if you chose this unit you will never regret it. This unit surely will provide you the privacy you have always ask for since Mandani Bay has assured that the walls and ceilings are not just built sturdy enough but also to make sure your neighbors won’t have to grumble again.


There we have the 5 model units of Mandani Bay or we shall call it the Mandani Bay Suites featuring their modern studio, bedroom units, and loft. If you have the time, just to amend your curiosity now then take the chance of visiting their full-scale exhibit which showcases an experiential display of its entire waterfront property.

Mandani Bay is open now for visitors especially to the interested buyers and also to those who are still in search for that perfect new home.

Unfold the possibilities whether it is a passion for adventure, culture, creativity, or water, live it at the Mandani Bay Suites.

Which model unit do you prefer the most?

Share your dream in the comment section.


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