8 Things to Do This Weekend in Cebu

You have wanted to experience a vigorous weekend in Cebu, but it’s just that you are not sure where and what exactly to do. Swimming or bar hopping? How about trekking to Cebu’s mountains?

You don’t have to fret anymore. We have the suggestions for you.

Lucky for you to be living in Cebu right? Well, let us then make the most out of it and identify what would be the best things to do this weekend.

Here are things you can do this weekend in Cebu and make the most of your weekend without missing out what’s going to be up next.


  1. Go swimming


We know Cebu is gifted with beautiful coasts with white sand beaches and even sandbars. Rediscover the beaches again. Go somewhere like Sumilon or Bantayan island.

Get those swimsuits and sunblock ready then head on to Malapascua, Badian, Moalboal, Alcoy, Aloguinsan, Camotes and Bantayan. Their beaches will remarkably entice you, making you wish to make them your home away from home.

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  1. Go trekking

Who would have thought that Cebu can offer you one of the serene trekking experience great for both first timers and professional trekkers.
Consider your next trip to be a healthy one for these places are boundless for your sole but with rubber shoes on. Places you should visit are Osmeña Peak, Sirao Peak, Mt. Mauyog, Mt. Lanaya, and Mt. Manunggal.

  1. Go island hopping

Island Hopping

You are missing out terribly if you haven’t gone out and explore the different islands and islets of Cebu. With these scattered islets that offer different sceneries and topography,  you should have an inkling then that you can visit each of them in a day by riding a boat.

There’s no need to worry for there are a lot of places to start like Caohagan Island, Hilutungan Island, Nalusan Island, Pandanon Island depends on the package or itinerary. Check out either or for the perfect island hopping tour package.


  1. Go heritage tour

Heritage parks

The Heritage of Cebu is a definitive effort through art in the adoring legacy of the City and Province of Cebu. It is to honor all the people in Cebu and a tribute to all Filipino people and the wealth of our race. But what people miss to know about these heritage parks is that they are evidential pieces of evolving culture of Cebu. Certainly, people will feel the appreciation of the oddities of the structures and the meticulously-crafted masterpieces orderly displayed in the museums and other heritage sites.

There is a bunch of heritage parks and places in Cebu that will help you understand the culture, tradition and history of Cebu, of the people and the places.


  1. Go spiritual

Cebu being the cradle of Christianity in East Asia would already give you a hint that Catholic churches abound in different cities and municipalities.
The Simala Shrine in the south is like a Disneyland of Cebu but only that the Catholic devotees visit there to witness the church and do some pilgrimage.
The Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño is the favorite among the Catholic devotees.
Here on Escooped, we don’t really favor any religion. But I think it is fair to say that many Cebuanos are Catholic. Featuring Catholic churches are already part of the Cebu culture.  However, any tourist can also visit other churches and temples such as Al-Khairiah Mosque, Taoist Temple and Fo Guang Shan Chu Un Temple.
Appreciating these structures as you visit them may find you to be in the place that induces your spirituality. But as our chief storyteller also pointed out, you don’t have to go churches to be spiritual, to go spiritual. Even going to the beach or in the mountains and meditate on these places will also help anyone spiritually.

  1. Go sight-seeing atop the mountains overlooking the city


To keep you inspired, the sight-seeing places in Cebu like Tops Lookout and Mountain View will surely give you that moment of relaxation with the breathtaking view of the whole city. A short vacation like this should at least be done twice a month to help keep us moving. Experience rejuvenation as you inhale the fresh air of the mountains. Also, these are best places for couple’s affordable mini getaway.


  1. Go shopping

Shopping Malls

There has been an huge rise in the shopping industry in Cebu where big brands like Aeropostale, H&M, Mango, Forever 21, and Uniq-lo are no longer out of reach since they have chosen Cebu to be a part of their boutique location. With the big spaces in malls such as SM Seaside City, Robinson’s Galleria, Ayala Center Cebu and SM City Cebu, shopping outlets have many options to be reachable to their markets.

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  1. Go to restos and be a foodie or go bar-hopping


Cebu is continuously growing as a city and it only means that there are a lot of food choices here.

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Let those tasty masterpieces from various restaurants such as Ulli’s, Laguna Garden Cafe and Parilya give you the gastronomic experience.

There are restaurants, cafeterias, bistros and cafés available for you to decide on. Just make sure you know what you want and get those wallets ready for the flavorsome ride.

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Finally, you have something to think over on what you can do after the long weekdays of work, work, and work. So which one of those is going to be on your next plan this weekend? Be it Go trekking or just Go swimming, it is important that we don’t exceed on the budget. Okay?


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