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4 Pancit Specialties at Cafe Laguna

A Timeless Filipino Classic

Admit it. Filipino cuisine is one of the cuisines in the world with the best home-cooked meals. It is also one of the most affordable food. Have you noticed that when the food agrees with the wallet, delicious things happen, right?

We, Filipinos, take pride in our food.

Cafe Laguna serves so-Pinoy dishes from Pagkaing Dagat, Gulay, Kanin, Beef, Chicken, Pork, Ensalada, and of course Pancit.

You know that cliche: Ang pancit ay pampahaba ng buhay. Do you believe that? It maybe a yes or a no – whatever the verdicts are, it will not change the fact that pancit is delicious.

Pancit is also a so-Pinoy dish. Although, the ancient Chinese introduced pancit to the Filipinos way way back, we have tastefully embraced it as ours.

It has been in our local cuisine since then because who wouldn’t want that flavoursome dish to be adopted to their cuisine? I think no one would say no.

If you are looking for a restaurant that serves delectable pancit, you should go to Cafe Laguna. They have various kinds of Pancit and I will give you 4 pancit specialties at Cafe Laguna that you can enjoy with your family.

1. Pancit Canton

Cafe Laguna’s Pancit Canton can serve 2-3 person, depending on the appetite. It has an insanely good taste because unlike other pancit in town, it seems like there’s a milk or gata in it which intensify the flavor. And did I mention that Pancit Canton is their best-seller?

Yes, it is.

2. Sotanghon Guisado

Ahhh, the glass noodles! Sotanghon Guisado at Cafe Laguna is such a babe. You can taste the spices from the noodles. The mixture of everything is right; they didn’t put too much flavor in it that’s why it tasted just right.

3. Bam-i

Bam-i originated in Cebu; it is the pride of the Cebuanos. It might have the same ingredients of that Pancit Canton, Pancit Bihon, and Sotanghon Guisado, but the admixture of flour and vermicelli noodles makes this dish exceptional.

4. Pancit Palabok

This is definitely not the least of the pancit specialities. This is even regarded as a best-seller of the famous restaurant. This noodle dish is mixed with with shrimp sauce and topped with cooked shrimp, crushed chicharon and fried garlic.

Have a fork to try, together with puto puti.

All these pancit specialties make me crave. I know, you are craving, too.

Feel free to share your favorite pancit specialties at Cafe Laguna and let us know your pancit-eating experience!

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