A. Refinery: A Cool Audio Tech Shop

A. Refinery is a cool audio tech shop, music junkies don’t want to miss. It vends audio equipment suchlike desktop speakers, portable speakers, earphones, headphones, and other high-end music equipment.

You’d probably know by now that you are living in a generation that loves music more than anything else: a generation of Audiophiles. 

You can see it just by observing the people around you. When you are riding on a jeepney, walking around the city, or just chilling out at the rooftop, you always put your earphones, headset, or speakers on because “music is life”.

JBL speakers

It is a new market in the Music Industry and they recently opened a branch here in Cebu. It is located at the 2nd level New Wing of Ayala Center.

Harman Kardon

It  houses oodles of audio and non-audio accouterments that names are exemplary and iconic. It is the diggings of JBL’s primary products which are loudspeakers and cohorted electronics and Harman Kardon home and car audio equipment.

It also depicts the presumptuous intelligence of this generation, bringing high-fidelity stereotype and flexible audio entertainment into one engrossing market.

Harman Kardon

But hey! A. Refinery is not just for audiophiles, but also for cinephiles. It is an ideal place for movie buffs, Vinyl and phonograph composers, sports enthusiasts and every music junkie. They sell the perfect audio equipment that you need.

It compromises great quality in all their products to reach that customer’s satisfaction and to even eclipse the expectations from the products to the customer services.

JBL waterproof speakers

In this world full of chaos and wrong turns, you’d never go wrong with good music, as the saying goes “Music takes you to places you’ve never been before”.

A. Refinery is giving their customers a say of what good music is. Good music comes with good audio equipment. So, if you want to have that eargasm moment, you have to check this shop out.


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