These Are What The Customers Expect in a Top Notch Business Hotel in the World

With the growing economic crisis, you’d expect that people would tighten up their belts and avoid splurging themselves in classy establishments such as business hotels.

On the contrary, the hotel business have seen quite an increase in profits and top class hotels continue to have guests lining up in front of the reception desk. The reason for this is quite simple – hotel establishments have improved in terms of quality and customer service. Businessmen and travelers alike have set a line and these hotels have delivered more than what they had expected.
Simply put, the best hotels didn’t give their clients a reason not to visit them again. Instead, they gave them a reason why the guests should share their experiences and recommend them with to their colleagues. Here are some of the things that guests would expect when booking into one of the best business hotels in the world.

What do customers seek on a Top Notch Business Hotel

Personalized Customer Service

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Staying in a hotel has never been cheap. But people would gladly open up their pockets for a hotel that gives excellent service. And the best in this industry would never fail to deliver such service. An excellent example of that would be the Hong Kong based Peninsula that serves its recurring clients the services that they enjoyed the last time they booked.
Dubbed as “The Pen”, this hotel isn’t brand new – in fact, it’s one of the oldest hotels in Hong Kong. It’s beautifully refurbished, highly maintained and equipped with the cutting technology that every traveling businessman would need. But what separates this one from the others is that, as said before, their services are personalized. Right after a client books the hotel, a team of three will do a background search of the client’s preferences based on his/her previous bookings.
Without having to ask them, the guest can expect that their rooms are free of any of the things that they don’t like, have their preferred wine in stock and their chosen newspapers outside the door at the right moment. This kind of service is what everyone would call “totally worth every penny”.

Catering to Every Request

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A hotel that brags as being the best has to be able to provide whatever the guest wants – so long as it’s legal. It must be able to give what they want, when they need it, right at that moment. Again, The Pen is one of the few that claims this above standard service. This is one of the main reasons why it’s a favorite among CEOs, celebrities and more.

The Rooms

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Though this is already a given, I should stress out the fact that the rooms and the equipment inside it play a vital role in providing the needed service to a guest. For a traveling businessman, room with multiple accessible ports would just be number one in the list. There’s soundproofing, remote controlled settings, VoIP phones and more.

Fast Reception

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One of the many frustrations a hotel guest experiences occasionally is being left out for hours as they wait for their booking to get confirmed. That’s something that shouldn’t be present in a top class hotel. Management should be able to accommodate their guests the moment they step inside the front door. Getting a room in about 5 minutes is what you can call an excellent service.
Of course the reception service isn’t complete without a ride from the airport to the hotel in style. Being treated like royalty the moment you step out of the plane until your booking ends is one of the aspects that a top notch hotel must strive for.
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