The Cebuano Taste

A Cebuano day doesn’t end at dusk. In fact, during the nighttime is when most of us enjoy our lives to the fullest. Cebu is full of places that can serve the needs of anyone, especially those who are in need of food.

Cebuano Lechon

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The Philippines is a country that is heavily influenced by other countries. That goes for Cebu and to our food department as well. Our lechon baboy that was even regarded as the best pig? That originated from Spain. The pancit you see everyday in almost every food cafeteria came from China – the same goes for the lumpia.
Let’s not forget about the fried chicken, fried pork, and just about everything fried – that came from the land of the west. Yes, we have been heavily influenced by other countries when it comes to food. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t give it our own unique taste. Filipinos are quite creative and that also applies when it comes to cooking.


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Seafood is one of our primary food source. Almost every eatery you’ll be in would have seafood cuisine on one of their menus. It can range from lobster and crabs to fish and shellfish and even varieties of seaweed we call guso, lato and lukot. These cuisines can also vary in how we cook them – we can fry them, turn them into soup, broil them or even eat it raw.
And when it comes to desserts, well, Cebu is also host to a lot of delicacies like the dried mango. There’s also the pintos from Bogo as well as the otap that literally crumbles in your hand the moment you hold it – well, it’s still darn good I tell you. These delights are found in stores scattered around Cebu, though there some branded ones that really lives up to their reputation.
Cebuano cuisine isn’t complete without its complementary dip sauce or sawsawan. There’s a whole variety to it too. It can go from sweet to sour to spicy hot and even bitter – I prefer the spicy hot, mind you. Lastly, I could say that if there’s any food close to being ours truly, it would be the Adobong Manok – the taste is so great when cooked perfectly and yes, you need to try it if you’ve never tried it.
Talking about food has never made my stomach grumble before – and I just ate lunch. But then again, when you write something, you tend to imagine that something first before writing it. I imagined those sumptuous meals and well, this is the result. But wait, it’s not over yet.
Cebu is not only limited to mouth watering cuisines. It’s also a great place to enjoy the night life. This city is just one of those that wouldn’t turn into a ghost town once the clock goes twelve – it just goes even livelier in fact. It’s home to a lot of restobars, karaoke joints, disco bars, coffee shops and restaurants – the metropolitan area becomes a literally well lit bulb in the night with all these open stores.
And the best thing about these establishments? All of them offer good food – talk about great service. Cebu is definitely a place where you couldn’t get hungry. The other services that they offer is where they would differ from each other.
Restobars are great if you’re into indie music – the bars in Cebu sport a few good singers and bands that you may have not heard about before. And some of them even have some recreational facilities like the dartboard and a pool table. If you’re up for games with friends, then these places might just be good for you.


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Karaoke joints are great if you want to liven yourself up by whipping up a song or two – or if you just want to relieve some pent up stress. These joints can have private rooms or public ones. If you have confidence in your voice then you might want everyone to hear it. But if you’re not then you can just stay in a room instead.

Coffee Shop

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The coffee shops are always there in places where you can easily find them. And of course, they’ll be ready to serve you good coffee. And when you’re still up for it, then you can go visit the discobars and hang out with everyone till morning.
Aside from the food you eat, these establishments are sure to give you something else – a taste of the great Cebu night life.


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