Sinulog Travel Tips from Top Pinoy Bloggers

Cebu, Philippines — Want to know some Sinulog Travel Tips? The Queen City of the South is definitely having its grandest and most colorful festival celebrated every 3rd week of the 1st month of the year, January, signalling a year of great things to come. Cebu has been always shining in the limelight in its own right and every Sinulog Festival, the entire country is attuned to the activities laid out for everyone.
As they say, there is always something for everyone in Cebu. The Sinulog experience is truly a unique one and what sets it apart from the other festivals in the country is the way the categories of the contingents are arranged. These are the Sinulog Based, Free Interpretation, Sinulog sa Kabataan and of course, the Higantes and Puppeteers get their own separate categories too.
The Sinulog Festival can be very to very crazy, to say the least. It is where all kind of stuff is being thrown your way. Paint, beer, water, soda and just any liquid can be shooting from all four corners of the earth. It is definitely not for the faint hearted.
We have gathered some of the top Pinoy Bloggers and asked them their thoughts regarding how to “survive” during the Sinulog Weekend:

Sinulog Travel Tips

Jona Branzuela Bering,

Sinulog Travel Tips
Get the ID to cover the Sinulog Festival. It is easier to walk through the crowd and access places when you are covering. It will also give you the real time updates from the center of the festivity. Bring water, comfortable clothes, and shoes and wet tissue too! And use a dry bag in case it rains.

Mary Narvasa,

Sinulog Travel Tips
Wear rubber shoes, not sandals. Wear clothes that you don’t plan on wearing again cause they will be stained. Buy water protectors for your gadgets to protect from rain and / or beer splashes.

Cat Trivino,

Sinulog Travel Tips
I like keeping to an itinerary, planning with a group. Because festivals are best celebrated with friends. And then, you make sure that each visit, go somewhere you’ve never been to before.

Eleanor Valleros,

Sinulog Travel Tips
Footwear must be the primary concern. It has to be closed so that you won’t get pierced with sharp bamboo skewers/bbq sticks that line the streets. Water supply is also important so bring your own or at least know where the refilling for Metro Cebu Water District [the local water source] as it was always guaranteed to be safe. 

Aileen Adalid,

Sinulog Travel Tips

Stay Vigilant always during the Sinulog Festival. This may be a bit of common sense but it pays to be a bit careful and mindful of the pickpockets during the day itself. Avoid some bulky backpack, instead, bring a bag that you can put in your front while you wander in the streets.

Estan Conrad Cabigas,

Sinulog Travel Tips
For those coming from outside of cebu, book tickets and hotels asap. It will be a great help if as early as 3rd quarter you can secure your place. For those joining the foot procession, wear comfortable shoes, hydration and sunblock. It will great help for you not to get sluggish and dehydrated or worse, faint in the middle of the crowd. For those watching at the  grandstand, get tickets earlier to avoid the long queue. 

Channel Marie Imperial,

Sinulog Travel Tips
It is a must to bring a hat and other rain gears while walking on the streets of Cebu. It might rain all of a sudden. And most importantly, bring your friends and loved ones so that you can maximize the festivities. Wear something cool and fresh and comfy and of course, fashionable. This is the best time that you would flaunt your own fashion. Expect to get drenched and get dirty in whatever liquid there is when passing through the Baseline area. 

Kareen Satorre,

Sinulog Travel Tips
Everyone joining should anticipate walking long distances. Also, they have to be open minded since the Sinulog party is way different here the other street parties across the globe. Cebuanos have a different culture too.  Hotels are usually fully booked in the nearby route for the Sinulog Street Party. Minimize on booze so that it will also minimize the possibility of you being pictured drunk and wasted sleeping on the curb side the day after the Sinulog Parade. Bring lots of patience. Killjoys not allowed. You cant just throw a bitch fit in the middle of the bustling crowd because it will be expected that you will be stepped upon and pushed. Lastly, keep all your valuables like money and phones so that you wont get nabbed by pickpockets 

Potpot Pinili,

Sinulog Travel Tips
Bring extra loose bills for the motorcycle since chances are, you either be walking around or the city or to get faster to your destination, hail a motorcycle instead! This is one convenience you can have considering that the major roads are all closed for the parade. Be cautious as to who you are going with though.

Victoria Lago,

Sinulog Travel Tips
If you’re a member of the Couchsurfing community, make sure to join one of the activities organized by Cebu-based Couchsurfers especially the Welcome Party on January 15th. There are also Couchsurfing hosts who are opening their houses for as much travellers who can stay with them or simply hangout with other Couchsurfers. Travelling has been much more fun and offers more experiences through the eyes of a local when you are on Couchsurfing. You can also use the platform when you travel anywhere else and have a meaningful travel and cultural exchange. 
These are some of the pointers that we gathered from distinguished bloggers. They had the practical tips for you to survive the heat and the crazy crowd during Sinulog. They had experienced and lived thru the Sinulog Festival resulting for them to give these tips for “survival”. The aim of these are to make sure that you maximize your experience and hopefully, inspire you to come back on the next year and experience it again, one more time.
Sinulog should have been a safe and fun experience for everyone. It is geared towards having a fun and get a glimpse of the vibrant and upbeat celebration. We must not forget that amidst the festivities and the “colorful crazy chaos” situation we are in, thanking the good Lord for all our blessings and being safe from global calamities should be first in mind. It would not hurt saying a little prayer to the Holy Child imploring for a peaceful and safe turn around of events as well as personal protection, good health and personal favors.
Satisfied with our Sinulog Travel Tips from our Top Bloggers? Feel free to comment below.


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