6 Things that Can Make A Resort World Class

Resort world class are dubbed as such because they offer their guests what other hotels can’t – the best. There are a lot of criterias in which they pass with flying colors and mind you, being cheap is not one of them. These services offered by these hotels are so great that people would simply turn a blind eye when it’s time to pay the bill – because the experience they got is simply worth every penny. Here are some things that hotels need to have to be deemed world class.

How to make a Resort World Class


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You might think that the best hotels are the newest ones or those with the most high tech facilities. They help, but that’s not what makes the best hotels shine. It’s the services that they provide to their customers. Services given with utmost professionalism and hospitality are regarded as the bread and butter of a resort. How well the serve their guests, from the point they enter through their front doors to the moment they exit it greatly impacts their reputation as a world class hotel.

2.) Amenities/Room Facilities

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Here’s where the rooms and everything in it comes in. The world class hotel resorts, regardless if they’re refurbished or brand new has to have the latest cutting edge technology when it comes to room facilities. It’s already a given that the rooms has to be well maintained and cleaned whenever the guest goes out for a swim. An LCD TV, VoIP phone, a silent aircon with an effective hot/cold shower – the list goes on but you get the idea. The rooms of the best hotel resorts has to have only the best facilities for their guests.

3.) Location

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Because it’s a hotel resort, it needs to be situated near a beach of course. There are a lot of beaches, however, there are only some that can be deemed as world class as well. These beaches will then be the best complement of hotel resorts. The management can provide their guest with multiple activities like diving or jet skiing to further boost the promotion of their beaches.
The resorts must also be easily accessible by normal modes of transportation (e.g cars and the like). The gives the guests much less of a hassle when they get here. Of course, the hotel can provide an escort service for the guests – no, more like, it’s a necessity. Escort services are also part of the Customer Service after all.

4.) Food Choices and Quality

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The best way to man’s heart is through it’s stomach – a saying that very says nothing is complete without food. Having restaurants in a hotel resort is a necessary complement, and having none is like telling your guests to go away. The restaurants should also have the capability to cater the guests’ appetites by giving them a number of options to choose from. It can range from the local delicacies to international cuisines.
However, the number of dishes available won’t be enough. Being labeled as world class, its taste should be nothing short of excellent. Quality of quantity – sometimes it’s better to have limited choices with excellent taste than have a wide range of cuisine that will only leave a bad aftertaste.

5.) Other Hotel Facilities

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Aside from the rooms, the resort should also be equipped with facilities that the guests can easily have access to. Fitness facilities and spas greatly provide comfort to travelers and people who don’t want to steer away from their usual fitness regimen. And of course, business facilities like faxing services have to be included as well. People nowadays are already used to multitasking, so enjoying while working is already the usual way to do it.

6.) Recreational Activities

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Resort world class always have something to offer their guests aside from being able to stay in leisure rooms and taking a dip on the beach. They can offer various outdoor recreational activities like diving, bird watching, playing golf, island tours and more, depending on the location the resort is situated in. Activities like these give the guests an “out of the box” experience and sometimes, they will simply visit a hotel resort because they feature a certain activity.
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