Cebu's Top Fashion Designers

A fashion designer can create fabulous art just by looking or listening at their client’s wants or needs. That is what we fashion seekers desire; a designer who understands how we feel and how we want to look in public or during special occasions.

Rather than endlessly looking at the mall for a great fashionable piece to wear, why don’t you just let the local fashion designers create wearable art for you? They can create a personalized and special piece worth your desire and perfect for your frame.

These local fashion designers have been listed for certain factors. First, their designs have been grabbing the attention of Cebuano fashionistas. Second, they have created beautiful wedding gowns for numerous brides-to-bes who want to be the most beautiful lady during their wedding day. Third, they have ready-to-wear collections that you can don as you go public on the streets or in certain events, where you want to impress.

As a male fashionista, I have the eye for colors and creations of these designers, and together with my team in Escooped, we all agree that they have created a big impact in the fashion industry of Cebu

So without further ado, I present to you the shortlist of Cebu Top Fashion Designers.


Jerrick Macasocol

“The brand started 5 yrs ago in Cebu. Original pieces were made of non-conventional materials (paper dress couture, plastic armor bustier) and it caught the attention of the media, landing on the pages of a local newspaper SunStar Cebu on 2011. The following year, the brand started producing couture pieces for brides and ready to wear  pieces for women. In 2013, men’s wear was first made available for the spring/summer collection of 2014.” Jerrick Macasocol said.

Email :



GMO by Griffins Malazarte

“My field of expertise is Fashion Design. I design different kinds of clothes like gowns, dresses, suit/tuxedo, casual, corporate, uniforms and any clothing for special life changing events. I am also an image stylist, events specialist, and entrepreneur. I have always been a dreamer. I used to dream that one day, I will be able to make a difference, so I started learning the basics of dress making and techniques of make up while I was in college. Not only was I faced with the challenge of learning those techniques, I was also bullied at school. These experiences have pushed me to strive hard for my dreams. Through lots of hard work and patience, I became an image stylist, eventually opening my own Shop, “GMO Collections” by Griffins Malazarte. I became what I am now because of who I was before. My simple and humble beginnings led to my great success,” Griffins Malazarte said.

Email :

Phone : 0925-588-2049



Hanz Coquilla

“Classic, Elegant, and Exquisite: these are the three words I live by as a designer. My designs are for the brave few who want to stand out without the need of showing too much skin. I have always wanted to incorporate art and commercialism in my designs. My designs are edgy and soft at the same time. I get my inspiration from the things around me like nature, architecture, music, and even just by staring at a blank space; inspiration pops out. There’s limitless inspiration.” Hanz Coquilla shared.

Email :

Phone :  0917-431-5873



Jongz Loquinario

“My designs are more on avant-garde and couture. I am in love with every detail of my masterpieces. Each designer has an inspiration and in my case, I want it to be beyond what people has expected.” Jongz Loquinario enthused.

Phone : 0905-299-5280 and  0933-331-7244



These designers can be regarded as visual artists because they can bring out designs from their ideas, no matter how original or eclectic they may be. Manifestations of these creations are inspired from the desire to use materials to clothe and embellish models, avid fashionistas, and those who want to look impressive for special events. But the best part, perhaps, in recognizing these individuals is that they are personalities who contribute to the artistic culture, transcending commercial aspect and economy, of Cebu.

If you are not yet familiar with them, it is now time for you to browse their creations and be a fan or critic of their collections. Which of the Cebu Top Fashion Designers is your favorite?


Written by Proudly Filipino

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