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Parilya, a Place to Enjoy Good Food at the Seaside

Dining in Paradise…

City life is stressful, I have to admit that. Every day is Hunger Games; “the survival of the fittest” as what Herbert Spencer said after reading Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species.

You have to survive the traffic, the noise pollution, the hassle, and all. You, also, have to embrace that brutal simplistic fact. But you don’t have to live in that because just like any other long cuts, there’s always a diversion: a good food and a setting sun.

I’m sure you wouldn’t mind having a cold fruit shake or fresh buko and enjoying the view at the seaside after a long day at work. I guess, that’s an ideal rest. It’s the kind of “rest” that you have in mind, I know that because I have wanted it, too.

Cebu is a place where you can find loads of beautiful restaurants to mellow out and loosen up a bit. And among those beautiful restaurants is Parilya. Parilya restaurant is at the heart of Il Corso, a new development in SRP (South Road Properties). This beanery has chairs and tables outside that allows you to enjoy the seaside view while you dine in.

The ambience brings a feel of peacefulness in an open-air environment where you can dine and relax with your family and friends. The fact that it is beside the sea, the view is tremendous and startling. This is a place where you can find tranquility.

So, while the sea breeze blows through you can also feel the warmth of the sun rays in your skin. Who wouldn’t like that?

What Parilya restaurant can offer you doesn’t stop there. They, too, have real good food that will satisfy your taste buds and fill up your tummy. The prices are fairly good and ideal.

The Parilya Seafood platter brings a slew of mouth-watering experience.

The Parilya boneless lechon is another specialty to crave and enjoy. It delivers a totally Cebuano food experience.

Parilya is also famous for their seafood culinary creatives such as the kinilaw (Filipino ceviche), baked scallops, and linarang.

The meriendas are also another set of food to look forward to during the afternoon. Or you can munch on the puto, banana turon and a pitcher of their special coolers after a full meal.

Parilya is a great place for Family Day, Lunch after church, or just a typical night out with your friends. It is not just the good food and the place actually, it is relatively away for the city, so relaxation is also in the bag.

So, if you are on lookout for a place where you can dine in this weekend, place Parilya on your top list.

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