Top 10 Tech Blogs in the Philippines

Since the era of blogging started in early 2000’s, there has been bucketful of tech blogs on the web. Vying to the top, there are also several blogs who made it and we are proud to have these Filipino tech bloggers who are blogging their best to offer us the information we need to know when it comes to the next gadgets.

We have been adjusting to the fast innovation of technology these days and when you hear about tech-blogs, of course, Filipinos are ready to open it up for you. In this generation, it’s good to start reading your way through blogs for they serve as the modern journalism covering technology in advanced writing styles. If you are still uncertain of the gadgets you are planning to purchase, maybe these tech blogs will solve that mini-headache. So take some time to check these born and raised Filipino tech blogs.

Before we rank these blogs, we consider various factors such as content relevance, timeliness and user-friendliness of the pages. We may be biased on the way we rank them, but we have done this, the ranking, to inform our users based on the mentioned factors.

Although we consider some few metrics such as Alexa Rank, our ranking is technically founded on the “relevancy” of content and the ability of the tech bloggers to engage their readers on certain posts, which we believe have attracted considerable visits and shares. Our list is of no particular order.

  1. PinoyMetroGeek


Its site has a theme of plain blue and gray which is the best choice of color yet for a tech blog as it implies honesty and trust. It directly manifests since the page is very user friendly as the navigation bar is easy access and latest post are in list type. There are also special buttons for resizing the font of the articles and even a print button. That’s so much accessibility right there. All I can say is that you won’t have to scan too hard in this page. No wonder why PinoyMetroGeek is on the second spot on

  1. TechnoBaboy


TechnoBaboy has the simplest web page. It needs some revamping but don’t be little this page for it can offer just what you need. It sends out direct to the point details of tech events and reviews that will surely give you a hint of the specific gadget you are deliberating. Is it a trustworthy site? That’s a big yes! TechnoBaboy holds the 5th spot on the and it is really one of the informative blog you can definitely rely on.

  1. FilipinoTechAddict


Positioned on the 6th spot of the, it’s your next reference to your local and affordable gadgets. FilipinoTechAddict usually writes about any brands but is firm that it should go well to your tight budget. There are different kinds of gadgets, from the luxurious down to the cheapest but be glad because FilipinoTechAddict stands on affordable and quality at the same time. That’s in between or the techy call it “mid-range” units which list some good choice gadgets in the market.

  1. TeknoGadyet


If you are looking for some assistance on your phone then this blog is the best for you. TeknoGadyet categorized it as “Android for Beginners” a special section on its page specifically made for those who just had their first android phone or is struggling to fix some errors. It’s also a good thing that this page has a “compare” navigation link which will transport you to articles about comparing two varieties of phones in the same level or category, may it be a beast phone or the affordable ones.

  1. Yugatech


This blog is one of the top tech blogs in the country for offering the most comprehensive insights regarding specific events and even on the latest and upcoming tech news. Its latest updates flashes right on top of the page being labelled as Breaking with also a dedicated button whenever you click it redirects you to the new articles. The lists type of Yugatech stories are clear in a sense that even it’s compressed they managed to make it appear legible. It’s among the top worthy blogs out there managed not by one head but by an awesome team, so if you need more details about your chosen gadget then immediately refer to Yugatech.

  1. TechPinas

If you prefer watching a video review then this site has it ready for you. They have the button for you to check their YouTube channel for reviews and unboxing of any gadgets. The top 3 latest updates are displayed on the uppermost and also when you scroll down to the page, there are categories like pinoy gadgets, tech basics, tp exclusives, laptop and hybrids. The person behind this page is really dedicated in sharing the latest tech events to the latest technology, be it local or international as it believes to help build a Tech-Informed, Tech-Empowered Nation.

  1. Unbox

An orange themed page welcomes you as orange is a color of adventure which inspires and creates enthusiasm. What is good in this site is the category “latest reviews by brand” that way it becomes easier to look for the brand review without going through the whole page since everything its viewable at the right side of the page. This page is really direct for they don’t sugarcoat those products or gadgets as something like “its okay”. If there’s something that you need to be aware of before spending it they are true and straightforward and they can do something from complicated to something understandable. It’s a good thing, because you will then have an idea that the product is not good for you.

  1. PinoyTechnoGuide

Just like the others, this page is just as the same but it’s good that they come up with a category “hottest gadgets in the Philippines” pricelist. Nothing fancy about the page but its simplicity will drive to its different articles like events, tech programs, and another helpful thing in this page is the “explore by brand” in which its easier when you are certain of the brand you intend to purchase since all products of a brand will then come out.

  1. GadgetPilipinas

This site specializes in writing press releases, advertising services, and just like other  tech blogs they also discuss matters that can help consumers regarding technology and reviewing units. GadgetPilipinas is one of the reliable and top tech websites in the Philippines with more than 700 articles that talk about Gadgets, Software, Games, you are sure to acquire something relevant from them.

  1. TheAndroidHow


Just by its name you will immediately have an idea what this site is going to be about. We have told much of tech sites that deliver latest reviews and updates on techs but this site is your next “how to’s” reference. Next time you need some assistance on your gadgets and wondering how you can get hold of your new gadget then this is the best site for you and maximize your android experience.

Thankfully, these bloggers are really eager to share their updates even if there are many of them who are trying to do it. I can say that its a good competition for everyone. Without these blogs we might be ignorant about the new technology, on how to use them, save your phone’s life, or save that money for a better purpose.


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