5 Lessons Our Grandparents Taught Us

Our grandparent, we call them many names lola or lolo, nanay or tatay, grandma or grandpa or whatever as long as they all connote to the same persons. They share us their one of a kind life stories like what happened during the World War II, or during the Marcos Martial Law or even those moments in their lives that left us wondering or baffled in some way.

They are the parents of our parents. And they form the big trunk to the family tree.

Our grandparents teach us wonderful lessons in life, lessons that, in one way or another, have molded our childhood and have influenced our principles in adulthood. Those who have regarded their grandma or grandpa as allies against  anyone have attributed their viewpoints in life with things they’ve learned from either their grandpa or grandma.

As we celebrate the grandparents’ day, let’s reminisce the times with our grandparents, the moments, which we’ve almost forgot to regard, to cherish and to take importance as we have become busy in our lives, making the most of our career and business.

Our grandparents may not be anymore as important now but we have to thank Hallmark for innovating the occasion and making it a grand time to give thanks to our grandparents.

Here are five memorable lessons or teachings that we think our grandparents have influenced us or have inculcated in us during our childhood days and even during our teen years and young adulthood.

Mythical Creatures

Have you experienced bring informed by your  grandparents about stories of mythical creatures and other stuffs, provoking our imaginative aspect during bedtimes?

They even told us that we should go to sleep early so that those creatures wouldn’t take us away. They always reminded us not to play hide and seek during sun down or when during evening because those creatures would take us away, as they(the grandparents) claimed.

They even instructed us to say “tabi-tabi po” when we would cross a big tree or to the boys, that supposed gesture of respect should be uttered when the need to urinate outside the communal toilet would arise.




Before we were born, family traditions have already formed the basis for certain norms that most, if not all, family members have come to respect and adhered as much as possible. These traditions may include eating together every dinner or during big family occasions or on special events such as during Christmas and New Year. We may not like some of our family traditions but we all have compelled ourselves to partake in some occasions, if not all.  Respecting the grandparents is more important in certain families then defying any moment that may affect the presence of a family member during special events.

Other times, new beliefs are set aside to pay respect to grandparents, especially on occasions that require the understanding of all branches of the family tree.



Words of Wisdom

Our mothers may know best to raise us but our grandparents are wiser. No one in our family teaches us how life should be lived, directed and  impacted, except perhaps, our grandparents. Most of the new generation consider their lolos and lolas are wiser than their mothers and fathers, especially those grandparents who have managed to attain successes in life. They have often regarded their vast experiences as their best lessons in life that they can share with their offsprings and the offsprings of their offsprings. They may feel that they know everything, though not totally everything. That’s because they have lived the most than their offsprings for so long rather than us.



Yesterday and Today

We call ourselves as the millennials. Our generation is far more different from them. Grandmas and grandpas tell us that their generations were somehow different and their traditions before been affected with the changes in time. Their comparisons to before and now are sometimes subjects of most conversations. We sometimes admit that they have their points. Because we somehow learn a bit of the past history from them and subconsciously, we also compare our times, the evolution in technology with those that they had had.



Respect is taught by our parents but who taught our parents about RESPECT?

Respect is the lesson being passed down from generation to generation. Aren’t we all glad that they happen to be the torchbearers of respect.



Our grandparents may not be with us for so long but the lessons they’ve inculcated in us can be stored in a metaphorical chest of memories during our lifetime.

We may not be always with them everyday, but their role as grandparents is more than just a label. They form the hierarchy of sorts to mold another generation after a generation they’ve formed.

Greet your gandma and grandpa, your lola and lolo, your nanay and tatay, or whatever you call your grandparents with A HAPPY GRANDPARENTS DAY !

Give them a hug, a kiss, a gift or whatever. Make this moment more special for them.

How are you celebrating Grandparent’s Day?

Share with us in the comment section.


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