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7 Amazing Waterfalls in Cebu

Cebu’s Hidden Gems

7 Amazing Waterfalls in Cebu
Cebu Waterfalls From the Web

Cebu is known for its prestigious white sand beaches but if you think that’s the only thing Cebu can offer you then think again. I am talking about the natural wonders, the waterfalls in Cebu.

People are naturally drawn to water that is why more and more people are searching for water adventures.  When you arrive at the area, you will see a majestic beauty of nature.  Yes, looking for waterfalls can be too much of a quest, in case you don’t know there are 111 waterfalls in Cebu alone.  Cebu is indeed very blessed with these natures’ marvel; now let us cover seven of those pristine waterfalls.


Dao falls, Samboan


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Dao will really capture your heart as this waterfall is also getting more attention lately. Dao waterfall rests on the southern part of Cebu in a town of Samboan heavily known for majestic waterfalls. The straight long cascade resemble like a hair of a woman. Da0’s cascade averages more than a hundred meters surrounded by a curved rock form is the pleasurable scenic view in this waterfall.


Mantayupan falls, Barili


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Aside from gaining recognition as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Cebu, Mantayupan Falls also holds the highest water drop in the province of Cebu measuring around 98 meters ( 321 feet ). It has two levels with the first level famous for having triple flow of water. This waterfall has fumes all over which will surely relax your body & soul. If you have the courage to do cliff diving you can as well.
Come here during rainy season to experience the full blast of the waterfall. But always take caution and risk management in trekking the site of this natural wonder during wet season.

Binalayan falls, Samboan


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Binalayan Falls being part of the three famous waterfalls in Samboan along with Aguinid and Dau, you can expect another beauty of nature. This one is the closest to Aguinid Falls and you can easily reach it by foot. The signature look of Binalayan Falls is the triple drop which is the best place to do a satisfying cliff dive because of the natural rocky platform beside the waterfall. It is also ideal spot for your picnics as well. This waterfall adventure park includes tables and tire swings just few minutes of trek from the waterfall.

Tumalog falls, Oslob


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Tumalog Falls is the second most famous waterfall in Cebu that rightfully deserves so because of her beauty. The best part of this waterfall is its good for children to swim around because the water is quite shallow and wide enough to accommodate a lot of visitors. The beauty of this waterfall can easily attract visitors which is also why this is a must visit after your whale shark experience by the beach side of Oslob.


Kabutongan falls, Malabuyoc


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Kabutongan Falls presents a captivating sight; it comes highly recommended for those seeking a taste of adventure and a beautiful destination. The river trek here is going to be more than enough to pump some adrenaline into your system and give your muscles a good stretch. You will earn one of the most gratifying waterfall experiences and a compelling story to share with your fellow city residents. They now offer upstream canyoneering around this part which made it even more popular with people these days. The best part is it is so accessible from the main town in Malabuyoc with just a short habal-habal ride.


Aguinid falls, Samboan


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Aguinid Falls stands as one of the top choices for waterfall enthusiasts, offering not just a mesmerizing chromatic spectacle, but also a journey focused on exploration and enjoyment throughout the way. You will spend most of your time here navigating the river end route to the main waterfall. Along the way you can do everything you can think of like cliff diving, rock climbing in a waterfall or just have a rejuvenating bath with of course the watchful eyes of your guide.


Inambakan falls, Ginatilan


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Part of the glamour in this waterfall is the wide catch basin it has which plays a big part on your enjoyment of this spot. A super cool water and strong current plus the adrenaline pump cliff to its emerald clear water which it got its name; it will really excite the sleeping nerves in you. Its beauty and majesty cannot be described by anything else. Inambakan in the local dialect means “to jump or an act of jumping”, just be sure you are ready to splash yourself into it.


Come on, aren’t these places exciting for you? If you’ve dreamt of embarking on an adventure that takes you through treacherous waters, and if you want to be rewarded with an awe-inspiring experience and unforgettable beauty, then begin saving up for that dream. Walk the path, as these waterfalls await your discovery and exploration.

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