5 Beaches in Cebu that More People Should Visit

A day at the beach is absolutely relaxing. And just thinking about it makes me want to take  a temporary escape from the stresses of life. What I am thankful of is that being in Cebu won’t require me to book an airfare ticket. This island province is not only famous for its urban hub and heritage sites, it is also teeming with beaches that would only take you a bus or jeepney ride, or perhaps, a leisurely drive with your friends.

Cebu is just so blessed especially when we talk about the beauty of nature which is why we need to share to you these beaches that  this tropical island is blessed with for  more people to visit.

We know Cebu is famous for its beaches but there are actually more to what you know. Now get your pen and paper ready and start listing down these beautifully created natural beaches in Cebu you may have not known yet.


logon beach
image from Trip Advisor

Malapascua has always been known for as one of the best diving destinations in the country. People from all around the world come to visit its rich marine resources, white sand beaches, thresher sharks and manta rays. Among some of the things you can do at Logon Beach in Malapascua is swimming, lounging, or even just walking around the island.


lambug beach
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A wide strip of fine white sand and clean aquamarine water will put you to surprise when you see this place. As what others have said that this place will squeal you with delight that will make you run along the surf of its beauty. It is going to be just worth your short vacation because unlike the overcrowded beachfront of other beaches, Lambug offers a peaceful respite from the clamor of urban life.



basdaku beach
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Here is another popular diving destination in the country; Moalboal. This beautiful destination mainly underwater is considered to be a diver’s paradise as it is filled with a variety of beautiful corals and many species of reef fish. Basdaku’s long stretch of coast will give you the most comfortable sand and spectacular view of the beach but what made this place even better are the accommodations, from Spartan to luxurious


image from Trip Advisor

Santiago beach is a public beach. It is one of the famous beaches in Camotes that has the longest shoreline and widest beach on the island. Take note that this place is being managed by the local authorities of Camotes making sure that everybody keeps the beach clean and safe. Whichever you prefer, do active sports on land or water, stroll the beach to discover more, or simply just for relaxation.



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Santa Fe Beach is one of Philippines’ best beaches and islands that can offer various choices of accommodation facilities. They say it gives you the Boracay feeling but with a lesser expense, no air fares, and no fancy ‘districts’ to drain up your money. Better visit the place to really experience what it offers to make you enjoy and relax your holiday.

Would you still not want to push that plan for a go? Come on, these beaches are just waiting for you to explore and experience. Don’t hesitate now. Remind yourself that you deserve a break.


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