Is This The New Fashion Trend For Men?

Men Can Dress Up Too!

Crop Tops For Boys Show Up During London Men's Fashion Week
Crop Top London Men's Fashion Week From the Web

Crop top fashion originated during 1970’s. This fashion was designed and created originally for men to wear until the girls took over the fashion style. Should we claim the style back and wear it with pride?


Cutting the bottom of the shirt is purposely done to get the gym-goers get around the gym because gym rats or bunnies or those guys that want to have those guns, big muscles and sexy front,  who have no shirts or topless are banned from the gym. So, there’s the half shirts that men  can use as an excuse to flaunt what they’ve gained from going to the gym religiously.

Fashion evolves through time and men at that time innovate their style just to exercise. Crop top was even used by athletes before… and even now.


This kind of fashion style might be an issue for other people. Men’s gender will be questioned. We all know that the style of the fashion is for girls but even girls wear men’s clothes. This era is just to bring back what we boys had before.

Contemporarily, this may be seen as gender-bending fashion for men, who like to show off what they’ve got, the washboard abs and those rippling obliques.


Crop top is a fashion movement by men, although it is not exclusively for men. Guys in crop tops are sexy as they said. It’s up to you though if you agree or not. If there are visible abs exposed, then I would think you would agree that wearing a half shirt is not really bad at all.

We all see how we should evolve our fashion sense. Evolving it doesn’t mean that we have to conquer, it means that we should embrace the confidence that we have.

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Join the movement and let’s be proud of of this kind of evolution. The #MaleCropTops… this men’s fashion is definitely a trend.

Let us know what you think?

Are you ready for this kind of fashion revolution?

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