Take your Calendar Out and Plot these Philippine Holidays in 2017

The Philippines celebrate 17 national holidays each year and of these holidays are one way Filipinos can get the chance to spend time with their families. Check these Philippine holidays that have already been declared for 2017 and take a look at your own calendar to make subsequent plans for vacations during these days.

Last Aug. 18, our newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Proclamation no. 50, declaring the 10 regular holidays and seven special non-working days in 2017. While the proclamations declaring national holidays for the observance of Eid’l Fitr and Eidl Adha shall be issued after their approximate dates have been determined in accordance with the Islamic calendar.

The Office of the President regulates the national holidays and uses Executive Orders to make changes to any public holiday dates. There have been several Executive Orders issued in recent years but only the government has the authority to move some national holidays to a later date if it extends to the weekends. Special one-time non-working holidays are often declared by the government for special events. These one-time holidays are considered special non-working days and not paid holidays.

Under the Labor Code of the Philippines, all employees are entitled to receive a paid day off for all 14 national holidays.  The special non-working days are the ones that do not qualify for the holiday pay. According to the Labor Law, anyone who works on a national holiday due to the nature of their job is entitled to (2) twice their normal salary for every hour worked. Employees that work on a special non-working day are guaranteed a rate of one and one-third their average wage. Employers are required to acknowledge these holidays each year regardless of when they occur. Yay! That’s really a big help to the deserving and hard-working Filipinos.

Different cultures and religions practiced in the Philippines are also the factors and reasons for these holidays. That is why there are some holidays celebrated each year that are based on religious beliefs. The official holidays and dates for these celebrations are announced each year by the government since the dates may change because the celebration days are calculated using the lunar cycle (for the Muslims). Some religious holidays that depend on which date hit a specific day of the week just like the Sinulog festival.

With such a diverse culture, the Philippines has its government recognized these special cultural and religious holidays but they have only listed down the public holidays since these events cannot be acknowledge as national holidays. Below are the declared dates for regular and special non-working holidays in the coming 2017 and here is the copy of the proclamation.


Now, you know what these holidays will be in 2017, you have the ample time to plan for your vacations to Boracay, Palawan or the new places which you haven’t ventured out yet.

Backpackers and travelers, note these dates and plan your itineraries now!


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