The Legacy Of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago That We Will Surely Miss

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago is known as the “Iron Lady of Asia,” but her fierce exterior did not prevent her from contracting lung cancer back in 2014.

While experiencing the maladies of stage 4 cancer, she joined the recently concluded 2016 Presidential Election and lost, but she sure made us laugh so hard during debates.

Today, 29 September 2016, she finally succumbed to the disease. According to  St. Luke’s Medical Center, she died in her sleep.

She may have left a lot of us downtrodden and teary-eyed but while she was busy showcasing her discourse in the senate or anywhere it was needed, you could somehow say that she amused us, or even made a few minutes of our lives bearable.

Now that she has grown tired of eating death threats for breakfast, here are her 4 legacies that we will surely miss from her.


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Books

“Stupid is Forever” and “Stupid is Forever More” is her best-selling collection of jokes, one-liners, pick-up lines, comebacks and speeches delivered. Which of the two books are your personal favorite?

what Senator Miriam Santiago left us before she died Books


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Pick-up Lines

We all dreamed that one day, she’d visit our school during our graduation, give a speech, and give out hilarious pick up lines. For those who have experienced this, you are one lucky gal or bloke!

what Senator Miriam Santiago left us before she died pick up lines


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Fierceness

She is fearless in her words and actions. She doesn’t seem to fear anything because she believes she is constantly doing the right thing and what is good for the Filipino people.

what Senator Miriam Santiago left us before she died fearless


Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago’s Words Of Wisdom

According to Miriam, “Entering politics is a fate worse than death”. Her wise words will stay with us and most of it became maxims that we can live by.

what Senator Miriam Santiago left us before she died Words of wisdom


She may have left us physically but her teachings and legacy will remain in our hearts. She will always be remembered as the “Alpha Female” and the “Iron Lady of Asia”. What are your fond memories of Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago?


Written by Proudly Filipino

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