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Top Coworking Spaces in Cebu, Philippines

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Coworking space in Cebu

The office has been the traditional place to work in and it seemed like it’s been set in stone these past years.

However, just as our gadgets and tools continued to improve, so does our way of doing our jobs. People have tried committing their work on their homes and some who are always on the go do it on coffee shops or restaurants. But seeing as these establishments couldn’t provide these workers the appropriate services (you drink coffee in cafes, not work, so obviously they’re not built for working purposes), a need for a more specialized working establishment was in order.
The result was co-working spaces – establishments that could provide the perfect working environment for those casual workers who hate fixed work hours and love working at their own pace, with a cup of coffee whenever they need it. Co-working spaces have already made their splash in the US and Europe and are currently in high demand. Now, the concept managed to reach onto the developing Asian countries, particularly in the Philippines.

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Here are some of the coworking spaces in one of its islands, Cebu:

Global Hub [Temporarily Closed]

12F Keppel Center, Cebu Business Park Cebu City

Cebu Coworking Space Global Hub
Cebu Coworking Space Global Hub

Global Hub is primarily a serviced office provider but its facilities offer more flexibility than that. For instance, it can be rented as a coworking space or a virtual office. Regardless, you’re treated with the right amenities that will help boost your work production.
You have desks and chairs, ergonomically designed to give you the comfort you’ll need as you do your job. Free and fast internet connection is a given and meeting rooms are also offered to you among others. As a top notch serviced office provider, it also excels as a coworking space.


2nd Floor Hyundai Building, A.S. Fortuna Street, Mandaue City

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This is an establishment that you would call a coworking space at heart. They’ve actually dubbed themselves as the very first coworking space in Cebu so it’s easy to determine that they’re set to provide that kind of atmosphere to their guests. And in a nutshell, they pulled it off magnificently.
They have a room where everyone can work with each other, and it’s complete with functional desks and ergonomically designed desks and all – people can simply drop by, plug their laptops on those desks and start working just like that. Aside from that, they boast a very fast internet connection speed and a backup generator to make sure your work goes unhindered in case a power outage breaks out.
They also host events that will promote collaboration and offer your free coffee among others, which is pretty neat.

The Tide Cebu

7th Floor, Skyrise 1, Cebu IT Park, Lahug, Cebu City

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The Tide is a newly opened coworking space situated in Cebu’s infotech hub, IT Park. In its entirety, it’s a coworking space at heart, with all its basic amenities covered. However, there’s one thing that sets this coworking space apart from the others. It offers a discount to Filipino VAs, freelancers or just about anyone who wants to rent the space here.
Dave Overton, founder of Symph and one of the cofounders of The Tide said “We don’t really want to make a lot of money. We wanna break even, we wanna do okay. But our goal is to empower Filipino startups and Filipino entrepreneurs and freelancers,” as their reason for giving the Filipinos a discount on their services.
If you want to avail for a discount, make sure you bring some identification that will prove your citizenship – or make sure you have that Filipino face and accent.


Apple One Equicom Tower, Cebu Business Park, Mindanao Avenue cor. Biliran St., 11th Floor

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This place is another one of those serviced office space providers that one can also avail for coworking space use. Though the place is built for corporate use, it nevertheless has the right facilities that you’ll need in a coworking space. Being placed in the 11th floor also gives you a great view to boot. Aside from that, the location is also near other key establishments like shopping malls and such.

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Meeting with people can open up countless possibilities. The person that you’re going to meet today might be your business partner in the future or a friend that you can lean on when problems rise up later. They can be your mentor who will teach you things that will become necessary as you go along with your business and more. All of these are possible when you’re working in a coworking space.


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