Cafe Breeze: Breezy Lunch And Dinner Set Meals That Will Make You Want For More!

We all want a good and decent meal, don’t we? And it would be a celebration if it’s delicious, for it will be like the cherry top on a perfect sundae ice cream.
Speaking of delicious meals, the ala carte menu of Cafe Breeze is filled with sumptuous choices that will surely satisfy your taste buds.
As to which menu choices you should try out first, we suggest that you should try out their top 9 bestsellers which include viand, plain rice, side dish of the day, dessert of the day, and a glass of iced tea.
Cafe Breeze Bury Bury Good Steak

The Sumptuous Cafe Breeze Breezy Lunch And Dinner Set Meals

Chomp Chops
If you’re a meat lover, a serving of Porkchop Zinggara will make your lunch or dinner filled with delight.
Cafe Breeze Chomp Chops
Bury Bury Good Steak
We all like very very good steak so why not try the Bury Bury Good Steak? It’s Salisbury Steak for all you burger steak lovers out there!
Cafe Breeze Bury Bury Good Steak
If you’re in the mood for moo-re meat, perhaps their beef with stewed tomatoes will satisfy your craving.
Cafe Breeze Stewbeef
Who doesn’t want grilled chicken with BBQ sauce, right? This menu choice is worth trying, trust me.
Cafe Breeze Barbieken
Rolled and Cordoned
Among the top 9 bestsellers, their Chicken Cordon Bleu is my favorite. It’s soft, cheesy, and delicious!
Cafe Breeze Rolled and Cordoned
Fish Tango
For those who are on a weight watch, their cream dory with tomato mango salsa will make you forget that you’re on a diet! But don’t fret because it’s a healthy meal.
Cafe Breeze Fish Tango
Spicy Squidly
When you’re on a see-food and seafood diet, their squid with minced peppers
Cafe Breeze Spicy Squidly
Aglio Olio
I love their Aglio Olio! The pasta is al dente, the sauce is just right, and the cheese makes it heaven in every bite!
Cafe Breeze Aglio Olio
Spaghetti Bolognese
If you’re in the mood for pasta and tomato sauce, I would highly recommend this one for you!
Cafe Breeze Spaghetti Bolognese
Banana Mini Cupcake
It was the dessert of the day when Cebu bloggers were invited to try out Cafe Breeze’s Breezy Lunch And Dinner Set Meals.
Cafe Breeze Banana Mini Cupcake
Clubhouse Sandwich
If you’re not in the mood for rice meals, try out their Clubhouse Sandwich.
Cafe Breeze Clubhouse Sandwich

  • Chomp Chops – PHP 199.00
  • Bury Bury Good Steak – PHP 199.00
  • Stewbeef – PHP 229.00
  • Barbieken – PHP 199.00
  • Rolled and Cordoned – PHP 229.00
  • Fish Tango – PHP 209.00
  • Spicy Squidly – PHP 209.00
  • Aglio Olio – PHP 209.00
  • Spaghetti Bolognese – PHP 209.00
  • Clubhouse Sandwich – PHP 149.00

*All rates are subject to change without prior notice.
Cafe Breeze is located on the ground floor of Bayfront Hotel Cebu, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City. It is right across SM City Cebu and right beside Cebu Daily News.

Cafe Breeze of Bayfront Hotel Cebu

Cafe Breeze of Bayfront Hotel Cebu
Here are the management and staff of Bayfront Hotel Cebu with some bloggers.

Now that you have seen their top 9 bestsellers, which Cafe Breeze Breezy Lunch And Dinner Set Meal are you going to try out first?


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