Level Up Your Seaside Experience: 10 Filipino Food Best Paired With Beer

Thanks to the Germans, Filipinos have adapted the celebration of Oktoberfest where there is free-flowing, or sometimes overflowing, beer and whole lot of fun. Although Germans, or Europeans in general, can enjoy the glowing amber drink all on its own, a Filipinos can never do without pulutan. For those who are not familiar, pulutan comes from the word pulut which means ‘to pick up’ and it is food (usually appetizers or finger food) that is prepared and paired with alcoholic beverages.

Personally, I love to eat pulutan because my tummy tends to grumble a few minutes after taking alcohol (back in my heavy drinking days) and it has helped me last longer during sessions that can last overnight.

I have personal favorites and I am pretty sure you have your personal preferences for pulutan too, but for this blog, we asked Chef Raki Urbina of Parilya, Cebu’s best seaside restaurant, on what are the top 10 pulutan that are perfect with beer. Here are his suggestions.

10 Filipino Food Best Paired With Beer

Kinilaw. It comes from the word kilaw which means to eat raw or fresh. The kinilaw usually served in restaurants is made of fish like tanguigue or fruit like langka. The slight hint of sweetness and chewy texture from the fish or fruit, the aromatic flavors of the ginger, onions, tomatoes, and chili peppers, the creamy taste of coconut milk, and the acidity from vinegar compliments with the bitter taste of beer.

Gambas. Just like kinilaw, gambas or fried/stewed shrimp is a crowd favorite because of its sweetness and chewy texture. Not only that, it takes only a few minutes to cook one serving!

Crablets. Sometimes, hearing the crisp sound of freshly opened beer is not enough for drinkers. You have to feel and taste it! That’s where the crispy crablets come in handy. There’s an irresistible crunch in every bite!

Calamares. Not only is calamares or breaded and fried squid a pulutan, it is also a favorite appetizer for a lot of Filipinos. It is best served when fried to perfection, not overcooked and easy to chew.

Lechon. As a pulutan, lechon or roast pig does not need an introduction. Its meaty and savory goodness make beer slide down like silk to our tummy. You can’t beat the sensation of the aroma of freshly roasted pig bursting inside your mouth as you chase it off with a cold and crisp beer on your hand. Don’t get me started with the crispy lechon skin too!

Lechon Kawali. If you prefer the fried version of lechon, this is your best buddy. Although it is not as moist as roasted lechon, you can’t deny that the meaty taste of lechon kawali make you want to gobble up extra rice and drink a few more glasses of beer.

Liempo. The meaty and fatty flavor of pork belly gets a richer aroma by grilling. Serve it in small slices and you’ve got something that can last you for a round or two.

Chicharon Bulaklak. Once in a while, we all want to eat something offal, high in cholesterol, and deep fried. Out of all the offal options available, chicharong bulaklak or pig intestines or innards is most preferred by beer drinkers because of its exotic appeal and savory flavor. It’s readily available in the market too!

Pork Barbecue. You may have noticed that the Filipinos love their pork so much that it has covered half of this list! But for beer drinkers, grilled pork is preferred over fried ones because it is richer in aroma and has more flavor in every bite.

Chicken Barbecue. For those who love to eat barbecue but are not allowed to eat pork for dietary or religious reasons, you can never go wrong with chicken. Just like pork, grilled chicken is juicier and has more zing than regular deep fried chicken.

Where Can We Enjoy The 10 Filipino Food Best Paired With Beer?

Now that you know what pulutan are perfect kapares with beer, it’s time for you to join an event that will make you enjoy both plus the thrill of experiencing “the ultimate ride of your life!” I’m talking about the 6th Cebu Harley Days where Harley-Davidson motorbikes owners all over Cebu!

According to IL Corso, the 6th Cebu Harley Days are:

  • A celebration of brotherhood formed by a shared passion for free-spirited riding.
  • A gathering of the Road Masters who follow a unified way of life.
  • A showcase of the finest collections bearing the glorified muscle brand.
  • A revelry for the ultimate ride of your life.

Join the festivities on October 28 to October 29, 2016 8 AM to 10 PM at IL Corso, City di Mare, South Road Properties, Cebu City.

The yummy food you’ve seen earlier (kinilaw, crispy crablets, lechon, pork and chicken barbecue) are available at Parilya! The rest are from Cafe Laguna. Get your sumptuous dose of classic Cebuano dishes and favorites by following them on social media and by joining the online conversation using the hashtags #ParilyaPH and #FlavorsOfCebu!

Are you excited to join? Which of the 10 Filipino food best paired with beer are you going to enjoy with the gang starting tomorrow?


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