Top 8 Reasons Why Digital Nomads will Surely Love D’ Backpackers Barn in the Island of Panglao, Bohol

Are you looking for your next nomadic adventure in a white sand beach? Have I mentioned that this is jam packed with land, beach and underwater activities that suits your lifestyle, especially your budget?

Add to your travel checklist a different food experience at a floating restaurant. You can experience all of these in Bohol.
Bohol is an island located in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. It is also where the well-known Chocolate Hills is located.

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I have been in Bohol once for a business trip and another trip to accompany my Filipino friend, though currently an American citizen, to visit her hometown. But on these occasions, I only got a sort of a glimpse of Bohol.
This third trip was a result of the spontaneity of my Filipino friend and includes leisure purposes. I promptly told her that I was on a tight budget since I was planning to have a luxurious trip to Japan. She insisted that money is not going to be a problem.
So, we took a two hour flight from Manila to Tagbilaran City. We then took a tricycle to get to Panglao, Bohol.

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After another hour, we then reached our guest house on the island of Panglao, Bohol, D’ Backpackers Barn. We found out about this guesthouse through the internet. The guesthouse has just opened this year, I believe. After looking at the reviews and detailed descriptions, we thought that while it is budget-friendly, it might still be a good place for our short stay in Bohol.
And, we were right. So, here are the things you will love about the place:

1.) Walking Distance to the White Sand Beach, and Everything Else You’ll Need
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Freedom to choose where you want to spend your time is one of the things to be envious about with people having a location independent lifestyle.
At the D’ Backpackers Barn, we have enjoyed the stroll to the white sand of Alona Beach, just 10 minutes away from the guest house.  Along the way, we also found dive shops, mini grocery store, money changer, bars and restaurant.

2.) Provides Security and Comfort

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A good accommodation doesn’t need to have a five-star ratings, but must at least be able to provide security and comfort, according to Nomadic Matt, a New York Times Bestselling Author and a blogger.
These two factors have been provided by D’ Backpackers Barn during our stay.
The guesthouse greeted us with a lovely and appealing country vibe. We also felt this vibe inside the room.
The room was clean and tidy. And so was the bathroom. They provided us with the soap, towel and toilet paper. The bed was comfortable enough where we were able to rest our backs after a long day.
As for the security, we were at ease to leave our belongings inside our room since our cabinets have locks and they have a security guard within the area.

3.) Has A Communal Area

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A real traveler should know how to initiate a conversation with other people, advised by Amber Zuckswert, founder of Epicself. Travelling is not only about discovering places. It is also about meeting new people. New stories and different insights are definitely among the things you wouldn’t want to miss in a travel.
This is what D’ Backpackers Barn must have in mind. They provided comfortable chairs, tables, board games, darts, cards and magazines within the lounging area where the guests can hang out.

4.) Organizes a Variety of Adventure Tours

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Natalie Sisson, shared that her mission is to help others to achieve work-life balance. While doing this, she still lives her life to the fullest by chasing after different adventure she can avail of.
In our adventure, D’ Backpackers did not fail to provide us with an organized leisure activities within the island.
Island adventure tour is best scheduled in the early morning where Dolphins will high likely show up. Aside from Dolphin watching, this tour also includes snorkeling at Alona Beach and strolling on the sand beach of the Virgin Island.
Another set of tour is an exotic Panglao experience which includes Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol Bee Farm, Shells Museum, Panglao Church and Dumuluan Beach.
In Bohol Countryside Tour, they can take you to different landmarks of Bohol like the Chocolate Hills, Blood Compact Shrine and Baclayon Church. Also included in the itinerary are Tarsier Sanctuary, Man-made Forest, Sipatan Hanging Bridge, Python Sanctuary and Butterfly Farm.

5.) Different Food Experience

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Aside from the landmarks, digital nomads look forward to experience the local foods in every travel. Even in just a plate, you could already in a way trace and learn about the history and culture of the place.
Dining in the floating restaurant at Loboc River is one of the main attractions in Bohol. It was very relaxing and gave an unforgettable food experience. The river was so clean that it reflected the green trees and bushes along the bank. The local’s performance sure did set the mood lively.
On another food tour, you can get a seaside view ambiance at the Bee Farm Restaurant. This restaurant is also well-known for its fresh and organic produce, which are grown from their own garden.
There are many restaurants around the guesthouse. You can try local restaurants that offer sumptuous food at a reasonable price. Expensive restaurants that offer different international cuisine are mostly located along the beach.

6.) Reliable and Friendly Staff

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In addition to security and comfort, a good accommodation must have knowledgeable staff who can assist a traveler to have a good time, says Nomadic Matt.
We agree.
Our stay at the D’ Backpackers Barn has been an incredible experience through the help of the staff. They were friendly and very accommodating. They were very attentive to the details of our request.

7.) Budget-Friendly

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Location Independent lifestyle means being able to reap what you sow without having to wait for your retirement. This doesn’t mean luxurious living.
Luckily, we were able to push through our nomadic adventure on a shoestring budget.
Accommodation in D’ Backpackers Barn only costs P500 (10.60 USD) per night. This comes with free delicious breakfast which help us save P200 (4.24 USD).
Our expenses for each meal was P200 to P350 (4.24 – 6.36 USD). For our Loboc River Buffet, we spent P450 (9.53 USD).
Some of our itineraries have no entrance fee. So, the total expenses for our tour only cost around P174 (3.69 USD). For our tour transportation, the van rental charged us P3,000 (63.60 USD).

8.) You Can Easily Book Online

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Airbnb is one of the most reliable tools for digital nomads when searching for a low cost but safe and secure accommodation. You can easily sign up in the website and book your accommodation.
Good thing that the D’ Backpackers Barn was registered at Airbnb in which we were able to read the unbiased reviews written by their previous customers. Through Airbnb, we were able to get the description of the guesthouse as well as the details of its owner.
You can also check out their website and Facebook for more details.


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