10 Reasons Why This Hotel Is My Preferred Business Hotel: Seda Abreeza Davao

If I’m a noble worker invited by the Queen Elizabeth for a party on her 90th birthday, then Seda Abreeza must be the palace. Humdrum lists of various reasons why it is would be complex so let us cut to the chase. So here’s a simpler list why:

1.) Stylish professionalism is real. You’ll feel like you’re not in a business meeting but on a vacation right after the talk.

Going to Seda Abreeza for a business trip with fellow beloved co-workers and new staff is really alluring. Among the rooms for business, this boardroom set-up would be the most suitable one.

2.) Any room, any occasion with perfect ambiance.

The hotel could accommodate approximately 10 to 330 persons for gatherings. Also, students from prestigious Universities come with their professors to enjoy training. Work-related seminars are also welcomed with the classroom themed room. If you want it to be more enthralling to celebrate a birthday or a party, the banquet room would be the best for you and your friends.

3.) The simplest, the greatest.

After enjoying and browsing the contents of the meeting, choosing to stay the night or if it’s a business trip that lasts more than a day, the longer everyone would be able to enjoy the facilities.
Deluxe Rooms are their basic yet the most comfortable place to sleep in after an exhausting day of running around Davao. The hazel, chocolate and earth interior would sooth your nerves to rest. You could choose between a king or a twin sized bed which is perfect for couples or best friends especially.
You wouldn’t miss out with the social media to post your fun adventure during the day by connecting to the free Wi-Fi. To relax more after a refreshing shower, you could enjoy the 40-inch LED HD Television set up. Of course to make it seem like you’re really at your own home comfortable, the minibar, coffee and tea equipment, radio and alarm clock are also prepared. Clients hand out high ratings from these so their visit and check them in Booking to also have a check-in reservation online.

4.) What, there’s more?

If you’re not contented with a Deluxe room to rest in and more of the fun shrewd type, then the Club Room fits you the best.
“I have fun all day, every day.”—Colin Wright, entrepreneur, writer and blogger.
Working and working with no much time for yourself would be hectic so the Club Room would be a good choice to relax and relish the great service. You’ll get their premium service exclusive only for you. Delightful continental food would be available for breakfast while drinks and refreshments would be available all day long as you work on their tables. You could also take a break to watch what’s playing on a flat-screen LED HD Television while you’re still supported by the humane staff with your needs the whole time.

5.) There’s an upgraded deluxe basic.

What more could an upgraded version of a deluxe be? It would be the Premier Room! It contains all the necessities which a deluxe room have but it’s bigger being 35square meters, fitting a huge number of family or friends having vacation together. You can even access the Club Lounge if you avail this. The hotel also advanced it to be more comfortable with a bath tub for a more relaxing freshener and a spiced up kitchen. Aside from these, Seda Abreeza is also ranked as excellent in Agoda reviews which ensures how your stay could give you more than satisfaction.

6.) Fitness is for the finest.

If you’re far away from home where you’re a member of a gym and your muscles are twitching for their desire to work them out, no worries. Seda Abreeza hotel has their very own gym to accommodate your exercise routines. There would be no hassle, you could even be healthy and fit without neglecting your job at a business trip or on vacation.
If your body hurts instead from working all day long, you could even have an in-door massage. What more could you ask for? Seda Abreeza takes care of everything.

7.) You could funk up your work out by diving into this.

Seda Abreeza pool. Image source:

“I am going to live once. So I feel creating an enjoyable lifestyle is creating an enjoyable life.” –Jai Long, a freelance photographer.
We workout in order to create a healthy enjoyable life but it could be boring on a daily routine so while you’re at the hotel, you should definitely splash around to make exercising more fun than ever. Whether it’s summer or not or you just want to escape the heat waves, dive right in and swim!

8.) Food every day, every day okay!

Who wouldn’t be delighted with the thought of food? There’s no need to go out of the hotel just to taste a mouth-watering delicacy. International and national foods are served with their inside-restaurant called Misto. Available all day would be the hot chocolate delight to satisfy your sweet tooth and Wines alongside cheese. If you want to enjoy the greatness of the wine, you could avail the wine buffet for an additional Php 780.

seda-8-59.) The location is superb.

Many clients who stay gave positive reviews about the hotel in total. With a shopping district right in front, you could buy all of what more you need. There are also all kinds of boutiques and the Crocodile Park is nearby too for a reptile adventure. The Abreeza Mall is also close enough which could be a greater form of entertainment for the whole family or after work to stroll inside.

10.) The hotel isn’t just looking fantastic, feeling extremely good but also good-hearted with a purpose.seda-10

Due to deforestation in the Philippines, the Philippine Eagle is seriously endangered. With this platform, the Seda Abreeza wants to reach out their hand to the Philippine Eagle Foundation to take care of the existing Philippine Eagles we have. This also includes raising awareness to everyone about wildlife conservation and saving the planet.
Anyone who would stay at Seda Abreeza Davao would truly rate the hotel for an excellent range and satisfaction whether staying for business trips or family vacations. Next time you visit Davao, visit Seda Abreeza so you can experience the fun first hand too.


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