Landmarks to Visit Cebu and Mactan Island

Do you know that there are a lots of landmarks that you can visit Cebu and Mactan Island? With just a land area of about 62 km², Mactan is home to a number of tourist hotspots. Some old, some new, but nevertheless, they’re considered as important landmarks than bring about economic growth not only to the city, but to the country as a whole. Here are some of the famous landmarks in Mactan.

Best Places to  Visit Cebu

Lapu-Lapu Statue

Visit Cebu
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It’s to no surprise why this one is on this list. The monument is a symbol of the courage that Filipinos never fail to show when the times call for it. Lapu-lapu was the very first filipino hero who went against the Spaniards in their conquest of the Philippines and succeeded when he and his men felled down Magellan in the battle of Mactan.
Though there isn’t much more to see other than the statue itself, it still is worth the trip if you want to know more about the history of Mactan. Just a little advice though – take precaution when buying souvenirs or eating in the restaurants near the monument. They’re very pricey.

The Jungle Entertainment

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This unique restaurant/entertainment center is another unique destination in Mactan. The place can arrange a van to pick you up and then from the moment you step down into their place, you’ll be treated like royalty. The food is good and you can pair it up with performances the Jungle readied for you.

Caohagan Island

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Caohagan might just one of your destinations when you go island hopping in Mactan, but make no mistake – you might have just stumbled into an isolated paradise. The whole island is owned by a Japanese – he has been living in it for about two decades and has been helping the locals with everything from livelihood to sending the children to school. You’ll see a lot of fresh seafoods here, but they be a little bit overpriced – same goes with the handmade souvenirs too.
The beach is great and since it’s an island resort, there are only a few people enjoying the white sand. Just rent out a cottage and then you can start basking in the waters.

Nalusuan and Hilutungan

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These two islands are known for one thing – scuba diving. The islands are a known to tourists because of its diverse aquatic life forms living in the seas around it. People can attend K.I Marine Tours, rent out the needed diving equipments, take a dip down the waters and see the amazing sight of the different kinds of fishes coexisting with one another.

Magellan Shrine

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As much as the Cebuanos revere Lapu-lapu, we also dedicated a shrine in honor of the man he killed in battle – Magellan. There isn’t much to do here other than enjoying the history between the two men who once fought with each other.There are shops near however, and you can buy souvenirs or food from them. The problem is, again, they are a little bit pricey.

Alegre Guitars

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If you have a knack for music, then you’ll surely love this. Alegre Guitars is one of the prime makers of guitars in Cebu – and their works are world renowned. They make all sorts of guitars – there’s even one made from coconut.
The price of these guitars can spike up drastically if you’re a tourist. It you don’t know how to haggle, then prepare to have your wallets hurt when buying an Alegre guitar. The best way to counter this is to send a fellow Cebuano to do the deal himself to get a Philippine priced guitar – pretty neat, huh?

The Hotels

Visit Cebu
The hotels in Mactan are mostly 5-star so expect excellent services. They are so great at delivering it that I myself could consider them landmarks as well – most of them are lined up in the coastal areas of Mactan so expect a great ocean view from your hotel window too. The people come just so they could relax in these hotels and have a good time with their family, friends or their special someone. The hotels also has lots of amenities facilities to offer to their clients so that they can enjoy their stay to the fullest while accomplishing their tasks in here – some come for business afterall.
Here are a few notable hotels in Mactan

  • The Shangri-La
  • The Plantation Bay Resort
  • Crimson Spa and Resort
  • Imperial Palace Cebu
  • Abaca Boutique Resort

As I said before, these are 5-star hotel resorts – don’t expect for them to come cheap. But of course, don’t expect that you won’t have the time of your lives while you’re here either.
Have we missed anything about Landmarks to visit Cebu and Mactan Island? Comment here below and let us know.


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