Apple Watch Sports Review 2016

Millennials are generational cronies born roughly between the year 1980 to 2000. This age group is known as the “Digital Natives” because they have grown to be constantly connected to the world. Millennials have immersed themselves into the world of digital technology. One of the hottest headline was when the latest release of Apple Inc. was realized. It is a line of smartwatches, the “Apple watch Sport” has drawn so much attention to the growing millennial entrepreneurs. It was known to incorporate fitness tracking and health related features that is integrated with IOS and Apple services.

There are four variants of these apple watch which are the following: Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Hermès, and Apple Watch Edition. These smartwatches are distinguished by different combinations of cases and interchangeable bands.
The most popular of which is the Apple Watch Sport that relies on a wirelessly connected iPhone to perform many of its default functions such as calling and texting. It is compatible with iPhone 5 or models running with iOS 8.2 or later, through the mighty use of Bluetooth. The Millennials would definitely fall for these wearable technology.
Apple Watch was developed to free people from their phones according to the Forbes article (
People, mostly millennials are carrying their phones with them and have constant glances and carefree scrolling of their phones in a day. That is a deep level of engagement that these generation implicates. But how can the developer of this apple watch sport entice millennials to make it a staple gadget for everyday use?

Here are 7 Smart reasons why an Apple watch Sport is a must-have for millennial entrepreneurs.

The brilliant software

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Apple Watch runs watchOS. The operating system can be navigated using the touchscreen or  you could utilize the crown on the side of the watch. Its having a piece of your iPhone that you can wear. Apple Watch must be paired with an iPhone 5 or later running iOS 8.2 or later since it’s main objective is to somehow liberate smartphone users from the usual scrolls, the Apple Watch is also capable of receiving notifications, messages, and phone calls via a paired iPhone. Siri is also available for voice commands, although it is not capable of responding with voice prompts. Apple Watch also supports Apple Pay, and enables its use with older iPhone models that do not contain near-field communication (NFC) support.

It Enhances Communication

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The Apple Watch has a Digital Touch where this feature is Apple’s way of advancing communication. Millennials want to be notified with the most recent news, investments, entrepreneur ventures or business opportunities. With this quick and easy wearable device where you get notified with almost any thing you subscribe, it is definitely a must-have!
With minimal effort, users can draw quick images to social media and update friends on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. There is also a Taptic Engine that alerts users for notifications simply by taping them. This could also catch the attention of friends with the apple watch as you. Oh,d tap them which send a vibration like feature. See this link for a more detailed specifications (

If you intend to be organized

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Millennials do everything tech-related in higher percentages than all other generations. If you are a millenneal entrepreneur or is basically business oriented, you would not want to miss out online business deals or invedstment updates and notification when you are off your smartphone. So this tech garment is a wise buy!
Writer Farhad Manjoo made an interesting point in the New York Times where he mentioned that Apple Watch is intended to “liberate” us from our smartphones. It’s nominal convenience of fewer clicks on the Apple Watch as compared to the usual smartphone glances and checks that could make you do some of the emailing, texting, music browsing or social media stalking.  Read more of Manjoo’s article on this link

If you want a best friend

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Generation Me or the Millennials are entitled, narcissistic and selfie-lovers who indulge themselves into self absorption. But it is undeniable that Millennials can adapt faster to technology such as computers, iPads, iPhones, internet services and all other gadgets because they have been used to having them handy dandy.

For Self  and Business Improvement

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There was a global study of Millennials conducted by Telefonica in 2014 that revealed the idea that mobile technology is important to majority of the Millennials, more so to the emerging Millennial Entrepreneurs.  They would more often use these gadgets  for fun and games. In addition to entertainment and busy social media life of these entrepreneurs, study showed that majority of them use their devices for research and educational purposes.
A great majority of these Millennials see themselves on the cutting edge of technology although they don’t necessarily desire for a tech career. According to the global study, 72 percent of the population owned a smartphone and 28 percent had a tablets or iPads as technology evolves. This year, the numbers rose to 80% and 45% respectively. (

A promising tech savvy life

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Millennials have a more positive outlook about technology than other generations. It is undeniable that technology makes life easy rather than hard. It has done immense development in communication as it brings people closer together than drive them away. It is easier to delegate and inform subordinates or friends. Events and Celebrations become more meaningful with social media updates. With this in mind, Apple Watch is by far the only gadget you could wear fashionably but could still make you productive in one sense. Millennials see all these developments allow people to use their time more efficiently.

If you crave for a healthy lifestyle

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The Apple Watch is a total fitness tool that has several features that syncs with Apple’s Health app. It could be your physical diary making files for your personal body information. It has the capacity to measure your heart rate. There is a sensor that measures your heart rate at any given time.
The Apple Watch can motivate you to keep count of your steps. It has an accelerometer which deals with the counting. It also has the capacity to calculate the calories you have burned from movement and could measure your day’s body activity; all dependent on your movement. This Apple Watch is becoming a real genius!
Millennials could benefit from the Apple watch through its app which could set work out goals. Giving you real time statistics, pacing and calories burnt while tracking the time spent for your work out.
As self motivating individuals, millennials could also set personal goals on the watch and the app will summarize the physical achievements. There is an Activity App which gathers fitness data on a daily basis. The moment the user hit his or her goals in the app, a special badge is earned. The main objective of this is to continually motivate users to work out. (
It is undeniably right that an Apple Watch can make you more productive. It could give a nice boost of productivity if the apps and features are used correctly. It is an amazing piece of technology that everyone could benefit from.
Usual things we do on the iPhone or iPad which involves taking them out of our pockets, unlocking or re-locking them and putting them back are made a couple of taps away on the Apple Watch and even a voice command for a few features. The watch interface is basically simple and the best it could offer the “Generation Me” is the monitoring of fitness goals, the regular reminders to stand up and do movements and a simple overview of how those daily goals could be achieved could motivate a person to be consistent in making the healthy lifestyle a habit.
The healthier you are, the more productive you can be. Who would not want this?


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