The Valentine’s Day Checklist for Bae

Tis’ the season to be inlove, trala la la la! With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, we can’t help but think of ways to win the hearts of our beloved. But can our pockets handle another spending since we just recovered from a major splurge over last year’s holiday?

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Or are we already running out of ideas on what we can give this V Day, let’s take a look at 14 ways to snatch your bae’s heart:

1.) Flowers

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No matter how cliché, from outrageous bouquets to just a single rose, giving of flowers will never run out of style during Valentine’s Day. It is basically one way of communicating your feelings when words fail.
“Flowers. Lots of women say they don’t want them. But every woman is happy when they get them.” – Tangled by Emma Chase

2.) Hand Written Love Letters

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Can you still remember the last time you have read a love note or a letter? Probably this morning when your bae poured his/her feelings over a series of emoticons on your Messenger. Technology or social media could be a channel for your feelings but it’s more sincere and lasting if you give a well thought off, hand written letter.  No emoticon can ever compete to that!

3.) Chocolates

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It is said that chocolates contribute to the triggering of the “Happy Hormones” thus simply giving out chocolates can make someone happy regardless of the current state. Like flowers, chocolates are also very common and can just be given on a regular day. What would make it special is HOW you give it.

4.) Jewelry

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This kind of gift can be a bit expensive but as I see it, giving a piece of value means that you trust that person to take care of it. It’s like giving a piece of yourself and have someone carry or wear it with pride.

5.) Romantic dinner for two

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Once in a while, such as special occasions like this, it is okay to go all out. It can be an intimate dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant or an exclusive candle lit dinner by the beach under the stars or other uncommon ways you can think of. Just make sure you check for weather updates. *wink

6.) Watch

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A simple item that holds a deep meaning. It can mean that you are fully allowing your other half to demand your time and attention or as a reminder that you are always with him/her every hour, every minute and every second. A perfect gift for a bae that is always late , that is!

7.) Pre booked getaway

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It may be too late already to file a vacation leave at this rate for the Valentine weekend but it’s never too late to plan a vacation. In fact, with all the promos and travel packages you can find online, you can pre-book a getaway for you both probably on a summer and during the holidays for the rest of the year. Just make sure that you are still together. Promo Reservations are non-refundable and transferable. Lol!

 8.) Polaroid Camera

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What better way to preserve a moment than taking a photo of it and instantly have it printed? Digital cameras or even our smart phones can basically do the same thing but it not as convenient and as instant as a Polaroid camera. You can easily hang those photos on your walls or wherever you want to display it. You can also easily burn it if everything is over in an instant. Talk about convenience!

 9.) Investment

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Millennials nowadays invest more on gadgets, travel, automobiles and etc .Things that would most likely depreciate over time. We are so overwhelmed of the need to keep up with the latest trend that we overlook on managing our finances for rainy days ahead.
You may be skeptical about buying an investment for your significant other and it is only imperative to feel that way. But if you already have the kind of trust and if the relationship is already in a level to plan out your future, you may consider investing a life insurance or a Variable Insurance which is similar to securing a savings account on a bank but getting a protection of an insurance at the same time.

 10.) A piece for the collection

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Is your bae a superhero geek? A bookworm? A movie buff? Or are there things he or she is obsessed with other than you?  That is why it is important that you get to know your bae’s interests and not only that, learn to appreciate what he or she really like. Moreover, if you can give at least a piece of his or her collection, I guarantee you, it is a shortcut to your bae’s heart!

11.) DIY Crafts

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Still broke from last year’s holiday? There’s really no need for you to push yourself too far. There’s a whole range of DIY gift ideas all over Pinterest. You can either get an inspiration online or you can absolutely create your own. At the end of the day, it’s still the thought that counts.

12.) A proposal

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Well If you are already planning to tie the knot, then Valentine’s day is the perfect moment to propose! May it be an intimate proposal or a grand with all the “special effects”, just make sure you’ll get a “YES” otherwise February 14 can be a terrible reminder of rejection.

 13.) Yourself

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Nothing beats giving yourself as a present on Valentine’s Day. Not in a naughty kind of way though, but if you’d like to think that way, then okay, I won’t argue. What I’m trying to say is that you give out your best to your other half, not only during the Valentine season but all throughout any season. That probably is the sincerest and sweetest present that can be received. The gift of loving without reservations.

 14.) A Ticket to a comedy concert

A Funny Valentine Concert
Deviate from the usual concerts during the love month. If you’re already so sick of love songs like Ne-Yo, then a comedy concert like A Funny Valentine by Pooh, Pokwang, Chokoleit and K Brosas can be a refreshing alternative.

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The list is just a few of the thousand of ideas for Valentine’s Day. What really matters is that it came from the heart. The sincerity of how your express your love. Because at the end of the day, it’s the thought that always counts.


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How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special with your Someone

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