How to Make Your Valentine’s Day Special with your Someone

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways…to spend.

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For some reason, Valentine’s Day has already become a commercialized event of the year.  Even so, it is still a phenomenal opportunity to express our feelings to the person we love. There are a thousand and one ways to express our feelings but let’s skip the commercialized list for now.

1.) Take a day off. Spend the entire day with your significant other.

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2.) Breakfast in bed. One of the best feelings in the world is seeing food already served the moment you open your eyes.

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3.) Drink coffee together. We often go for take-out coffee instead with our hectic schedules. Spend a few minutes to sit down and enjoy a cup together before getting off to work.

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4.) Plan a day out ahead. Valentine’s day is just a few days away, it is better to plan ahead and make arrangement ahead of time with your favorite restaurant otherwise, you’ll run out of places to go. A date night doesn’t have to be grand.

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5.) Love letters and notes. For long-term couples, the simple gestures may already have been faded out over time. This season would be a perfect chance to bring back the silly love notes and love letters.

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6.) Go offline. Disconnect from the world wide web. Have a good conversation with your significant other without taking a peek on your notifications.

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7.) Warm hugs, kisses and more kisses.

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8.) Watch a movie. You can go out or you can enjoy a “feel good” movie in the comforts of your own home.

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9.) A trip down to memory lane. Talk about how you met. When you started dating, the fun getaways. The ugly fights. Talk about silly things. Talk about all the things you’ve been through and how it brought your relationship to where it is now.

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10.) Say “I love you” as often and as sincere as it is. Those three words may be said too much and been taken for granted for some people but it is something you’ll never get tired of hearing if it is said with a sincere heart.

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These ways may be sensationalized because of Valentine’s Day. However these are just some little gestures that don’t need a special occasion to express our profound love to our special someone. Let every day be a Valentine’s Day for us. Let us celebrate love everyday and express it with ways that came from our hearts not just from our pockets.


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