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10 things you need to know about “40 The Band”

10 things you need to know about 40 The Band

They started it all!

Before Bisrock Bands and recently VisPop Music, unknown to today’s generation were local bandsof the late 80’s to early 90’s that rocked the Cebuano community.

Before “indie music” even hit its popularity because of the World Wide Web, there were already local artists who have claimed the popularity of the genre. Among those bands is “40 The Band” that basically started the music scene in Cebu.

But how familiar are we with our own local music history?

Get to know “40 The Band”

1.) How they started?

Like any other aspiring artist or band, 40 THE BAND started off by doing cover songs that led them in learning to play music together.

2.) First Gigs

Formed sometime in 1986, 40 The Band was the house band of Shakey’s (located then in General Maxilom Ave.) when the famous pizza place holds music as an entertainment for their customers back then.

3.) Meet The Band

The band includes Troy Degamo (frontman), Arnold Ang (guitarist), Lyndon Banzon (bassist), Roy LLanes (drummer) and Piong Chong (keyboardist)

4.) The Genre

40 The Band initially embraced the popular 80’s rock genre and later developed their own music, which the era recognized as “new wave”. I would say “new wave” falls similar with today’s “indie” music.

5.) Original Music

After a few years of doing song covers, the band was able to come up with original songs. 2 of them were “What I Say” and “Rain” that became radio hits during the early 90’s

6.) Cebu Guitar Festival

Arnold Ang, the band’s guitarist came up with the concept to showcase homegrown musicians specifically guitar masters and to an event that will bring them altogether to share their musical passion and collaborate across diverse genres and music styles.

Thus, they called it the Cebu Guitar Festival, which had its humble beginnings at the Outpost in Nivel Hills Lahug, where the modern music scene in Cebu kicked off.

7.) The Music Industry Struggle

Considering the fast phase transition of music genres and the sprout of new artists, the band may have been left out but I believe it was more of a higher call of responsibilities when they already have started building their own lives considering that the local music industry doesn’t really pay that well before.

Even so, some of them like Arnold Ang has remained in the music scene and continued being one of the prominent people within the circle. He was also one of the local icons that introduced Jazz and Blues in Cebu.

8.) 40 The Band, Now.

Since their transition of music genres and the transition of band members, the band now was renamed to “Cuarenta”


The band reunited at the beginning of the year when frontman Troy Degamo arrived in Cebu for an extended vacation. Just recently, they had a full house on an ordinary Wednesday when they took the stage at F Café & Bar. Just two weeks ago, Rica’s Café and Bar was also jam packed when they also took stage during one of the Local Ground Sinulog Series.


40 The Band will again take the stage on February 8, 2017 at Parilya’s, a modern sea-side restaurant in IL Corso, City Di Mare in SRP. The band is featured as one of highlights during the restaurant’s 2nd year anniversary.

After all these years, it would be nice to see the original 40 The Band. Especially now that we have much of an idea of their significant contribution. To what is now a diverse and rich Cebuano musical scene.

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Parilya to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary with 40 The Band

Parilya to Celebrate 2nd Anniversary with 40 The Band

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