Escooped Talk with Bong Abela, Cebu's Premier Business Consultant

Escooper, Scotty Johnson,  managed to make Cebu’s recognized business consultant, Bong Abela, to be more open and sharing on his secrets to success over a sumptuous meal.

From being a general manager in a restaurant to being a real estate professional, his passion for business consultancy has resonated more to Mr. Abela leading him to be one of the premier business consultants with client portfolio that includes Rico’s Lechon and Kublai Khan.

“It started with doing what you really want to do and loving and doing it authentically.”

Loving your job is deemed to be one of the best ways to gain success in every legit career. It doesn’t matter if the pay is good or not, as long as you feel happy and you love what you’re doing, it is often likely that rewards will come at the moment when you least expect it. The thing is expectation to receive rewards can happen when you deliver rewarding experiences. More so, if there is the passion that doesn’t really think of any reward but just the delight of giving hearty service and putting someone in a positive disposition.

Please note that the aforementioned statements did not come from Abela but from the wisdom gained by this author who has also been reading business books.

A witty reply about authenticity that really bring resonance to Abela’s success as business consultant:

“I think it is really a-ha moment when I started to be really so real, so authentic with my clients. And then, you get to also understand that at the end of the day, the people that you get to interact with, you can establish, or you can actually create an impact or influence them. So, every moment has to be really maximized,”

In the case of businesses though, the expectation, though calculable, can come based on the performance during the work-in-progress. Thus, it is important to always bring authentic service to clients as well as to be more authentic in dealing with them.

“Since they(his clients) have chosen me to be their consultant, that I have to see to it that the service I am giving them is not only a satisfying service but also a delightful service.”

Abela’s success can be factored in the way he delivers delight to his clients that his increasing clientele derives mostly from word-of-mouth referrals. His technique on client service lies on giving not just satisfying service but also a delightful one.

“Valuing relationship is really important.”

And so it is important for us in Escooped to value Mr. Bong Abela as one of our good resources for business success in Cebu and in the Philippines.

Mr. Bong, Abela, Cebu’s premier business consultant, has just been Escooped!


Written by Proudly Filipino

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