My Recipe To Wipe The Afternoon Blues Away

Every now and then, we tend to be stressed over a lot of things. You may pout or cry over the outrageous traffic, Cebu’s humidity, very long taxi and jeepney queues, homework, thesis, work deadlines, etcetera; the list goes on and on. We can whine all day about it but we can also do something else to make us feel better.

All of us have a different way of coping to stress. Let me show you what helps me feel okay after the world crumbles right in front of me at around lunch time.
Add a dash of meditation.
I usually take a few minutes of my time to calm down. I go somewhere quiet, preferably in the comfort of my room. But if I’m in the middle of the taxi queue in Ayala, I just close my eyes and clear my mind.
Breathe in! Breathe out!
This may or may not work for you but does a lot of wonders for me.
Sprinkle a bit of smile.
Did you know that trying to fake a smile will eventually make you feel better? If you don’t believe me, then perhaps you’ll believe this article from Forbes. I actually tried it and it really works!
Relax and chill to the brim!
After taking time to clear my mind and smiling myself out of frustration, time for some action. I usually feel relaxed when I start watching funny videos on Youtube or watch my favorite TV series on iFlix (I am currently addicted to BBC’s The Musketeers).
And you know what else I do? I eat chilled taho!
Yes, I know it sounds crazy but every time the cool and soft bean curd lands on my parched tongue, it makes me happy! Don’t get me started when it mixes with sweet molasses and sago (or tapioca)! It’s like heaven on every bite!
Eating chilled taho does make me happy. It could be because I have fond childhood memories of it.
Currently, I keep on coming back (at least 3 times a week) for Ulli’s Streets of Asia chilled taho and I couldn’t get enough of it! One serving is not enough (Yeah! I usually order two servings just for myself and giggle like a kid in my mind).
Ulli's Streets of Asia chilled taho
If you wanna try it out, you can find Ulli’s Streets of Asia at the 4th floor Ayala Center Cebu Expansion Area.
You can even follow them on social media and check out their awesome menu of hawker food found on the streets of Asia.

Now that you know how I stay calm when afternoon blues come my way, I wanna know how you bring back the sunshine and rainbows.
What makes you smile and what keeps you smiling? Does it include chilled taho?


Written by Proudly Filipino

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