Simple Yet Cool Tips to Get that Back-To-School Fashion

Simple Yet Cool Tips to Get that Back-To-School Fashion

School is back with a promise of new friends and acquaintances. In this season, one of your aims is to impress your classmates and schoolmates with the style of fashion fit for the personality you want to project unless you’re a wallflower.

It is dressed to impress in this back-to-school season, but your closet is very much messed up and you end up finding nothing to wear.

But fret, no more.

Spicing up what to wear may not be as simple as ABC but it sure is fun to be more open-minded with a little bit of eclectic flair and a dash of eccentricity to tone up your fashion sense.

Just note though, that what I have here is geared towards men’s fashion. But ladies, who have more fashion sense than most men, can always experiment with their BFF’s. Innate fashionistas are lucky though.


Let us go back to basics where you only mind the primary colors to be your inspiration on what to wear, starting with neutral colors.

Neutral colors are black, white, blue, pink (pink is the new color for men), gray, and etc. Wearing natural color is simple. “Simplicity at its best”. Simple is being minimal. Simple is just being cool. We all want to be admired by our classmates, batchmates, schoolmates or our school crush.

I have five reasons why you should get some neutral colors.

1. You can wear it anytime of the year. It never runs dry.

It’s like a beauty that has never been discovered. That is why you can wear it anytime of the year. People won’t notice that you have been wearing the same clothes. IT’S LIKE NEW TO THEM.

2. Confused of what to wear? Choose a clothe that has a neutral color.

Don’t let it bring you down. Keep your head up cause it’s just there. Just pick up a color that is black, white, blue, pink, or gray and just go with the flow.

3. Neutral colors are very flexible. You don’t have to struggle anymore.

I know struggle is real, but relax just let the neutral colors mix and match you fashion style.

4. You can create a unique style everyday. Who doesn’t want that?

Want to save your money from buying all those new clothes just to have a different style everyday?

5. Neutral colors are very easy to find.

How hard is it to find a one? They are everywhere! And they’re even less expensive.

Now, as you strut the hallway in your school, be sure to also wear shoes that would complement with your shirt and jeans.


We all have polo. It has been there since I don’t know when.

Long sleeves polo is not worn only for formal wears, but you can wear long sleeves polo anytime. People might say it’s too hot and you’re wearing long sleeves polo, but it doesn’t matter as long as you’re comfortable what you’re wearing.

Every washday, I sometimes wear long sleeves polo to style up and be looking more masculine and smart. It’s either the sleeves are folded up or just button them naturally. Wearing polo shirt brings an impression of cleverness and sophistication, depending on the style of polo.

If it’s plain, that’s where you’re struck as preppy with a bit of nerdiness when you wear eyeglasses. If the polo is stylish with a few embellishments beyond the usual cotton, then there is the fashionista side within you bordering on the bohemian especially when you add some things to wear on your neck.

Polos for me are called the leftovers. Polos are the only ones stuck up in your closet and you only wear it if it’s needed.

Now polos are your savior. If you run out of clothes to wear or you have been wearing the same style over and over again then wearing polo is your life saver.

Styling it is simple a pair of jeans, a pair of brown shoes, and your polo shirt. If this doesn’t work, try mix matching your polo to any of your pants or shorts and any of your shoes that will work out.

Suede shoes are smarter and complement well with polo shirts.

I hope the simple tips help you gain inspiration on what to wear this school season. Just experiment with what to wear but don’t overdo it.

Wearing simple clothes makes you way cooler, adding to the cool personality you have.

Right clothes + Great personality = COOL!

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