ProudlyFilipino Top and Best

The TOP (Top, Outstanding and Preferred) and Best list is an annual accolade issued by the editorial team at This prestigious recognition is dedicated to honoring premier and premium Filipino brands and properties, distinguishing them in various categories within specific geographic locations.

Here is an in-depth look at our rigorous and expansive methodology for compiling this definitive list:

1. Extensive Data Collection

Our process begins with the collection of a vast amount of data from a variety of trusted platforms and third-party websites. This includes prominent travel review platforms such as TripAdvisor,, and Expedia, as well as influential travel blogs and recognized industry awards lists. We meticulously gather information regarding guest reviews, ratings, and any accolades or recognitions the establishments have earned.

2. In-depth Rating and Review Analysis

We conduct a thorough analysis of the ratings and reviews, focusing intently on recurring themes in guest feedback. Positive feedback on specific aspects such as customer service, cleanliness, location, and amenities plays a crucial role in the evaluation of each establishment. Additionally, we consider any awards or recognitions from reputable travel and hospitality organizations, which serve as a testament to industry acknowledgment for excellence.

3. Comprehensive Rank Aggregation

Using the data collected, we perform an aggregation of ranks. This process involves averaging the scores and ratings across different platforms to neutralize any bias that might be present on a single platform. This aggregated score is pivotal in providing a balanced view that more accurately reflects the broad spectrum of guest experiences.

4. Thorough Quality Verification

After rank aggregation, we engage in a detailed verification of the actual services provided by the establishments. This crucial step involves checking the current operational status of the accommodations to confirm they consistently meet high standards. We also take into account recent updates on renovations, new services, or changes in management, as these factors can significantly influence the quality and guest experience.

5. Rigorous Comparison and Final Selection

Once we have a comprehensive profile for each candidate, we compare them against set benchmarks in categories such as luxury, value for money, family-friendliness, suitability for couples, and uniqueness of offerings. Establishments are chosen for the final list based on their capacity to surpass these benchmarks and stand out in one or more categories.

6. Curation of Descriptive Summaries

For each selected hotel and resort, we craft a detailed descriptive summary that showcases key features, offerings, and the distinct atmosphere or experiences they provide. These summaries include information on accommodations, dining experiences, sustainability practices, and any special activities or services that are noteworthy.

7. User-Friendly Presentation

The finalized list is organized and presented in an accessible format, making it straightforward for potential visitors to find the best options that match their preferences and expectations. Each entry includes comprehensive contact information, links to websites, and social media pages, facilitating direct engagement and further exploration by travelers.

By adhering to this detailed and methodical selection process, we ensure that our TOP and Best guide is not only comprehensive and trustworthy but also immensely useful for a wide array of travelers looking to experience the very best offerings in a given location. Whether planning a luxury getaway, a family vacation, or a romantic retreat, our guide is designed to assist travelers in making informed decisions for an unforgettable experience in the Philippines.

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